Cucidati (Italian Fig Cookies)

This vintage recipe for Cucidati (Italian Fig Cookies) is a festive special event cookie, found at Weddings, on Christmas trays, or at many Italian festivals and spiritual events.

The fig cookies are made with a rich dark spicy fruit filling, topped with a snowy icing glaze, then sprinkled with colorful tiny candies.

Cucidati has many other names you may know them by such as Buccellati, Italian fig cookies, Sicilian fig cookies, or just fig-stuffed cookies with sprinkles.

The dough is wrapped around this dark nutty fruit filling and is such a treat during those special holidays like St. Joseph’s Day and other Italian events like baptisms and confirmations.

My website will have simple step-by-step photos of how these are easily made and if you’ve never had a Cucidati Italian cookie, it’s about time to try our vintage old recipe.

food, cucidati (italian fig cookies)

Cucidati and Italian classic filled cookie with figs and dates


  • shortening
  • flour
  • egg
  • dates, raisins, figs
  • powdered sugar
  • milk

food, cucidati (italian fig cookies)

sliced fig cookies with filling in a glass bowl and the dough is cut like fig newtons


  1. mix the dough ingredients
  2. cut the dough into 4 pieces then refrigerate for 45 minutes wrapped in wax paper or plastic wrap
  3. place the raisins, figs, and dates in the food processor until coarse
  4. mix all the filling ingredients in a bowl with the fruit mixture
  5. roll out the dough into a rectangular shape
  6. place the filling down the center of the dough
  7. fold over pinching seams together
  8. slice the cookies
  9. bake in a preheated oven
  10. cool completed
  11. frost and add sprinkles on top

Seriously delicious Italian traditional cookies perfect for a Christmas cookie tray or family event! Don’t lose this recipe!

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