Daisies in Enticing Colours Overcome Namaqua National Park

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Daisies grown in field of desert.

From afar, this plain field looked like an abandoned dried desert. However, when you look closely, the field is actually made up of many tiny orange daisies when in full bloom, gives a spectacular scenery to the Namaqua National Park, where the daisies are located.

The rigorous weather in South Africa has created a myriad of life forms in livid wonderland. The beautiful flowers, the scintillating night sky and the quivering trees from the gentle wind, Namaqua National Park is the most stunning place to see flowers in South Africa in spring. When summer arrives, the bright pasture of daisies, however, will quickly turn to brown and fly away as dust.

The blanketing flowers will leave you an unforgettable impression at every turn you take.

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Image credits: http://bit.ly/1j9ibtj

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