Dallas Food Blogger Alex Snodgrass Is Ready to Serve Up a SideDish — Of Salad Dressing

food, dallas food blogger alex snodgrass is ready to serve up a sidedish — of salad dressing

Alex Snodgrass in the kitchen with SideDish.

Many people know Dallas blogger and social media influencer Alex Snodgrass for her Whole 30 recipes and her two New York Times best-selling cookbooks. Her latest foray is a line of bottled dressings called SideDish, which come in three flavors: honey dijon, chipotle ranch, and creamy sesame.

Snodgrass tells Eater Dallas that creating the line is “one of those things that I’ve always wanted to do.” And that it is part of her focus to help home cooks by giving them tools to make delicious dinners that they can get on the table with ease.

Eater: Why did you choose these particular flavors for your dressings?

Snodgrass: Of course, everyone likes ranch, but I wanted to do one that had a little bit more oomph to it, so I went with a smoky chipotle ranch.The creamy sesame is kind of a cross between a peanut-style dressing and the magic mustard sauce from my first cookbook where I have a recipe for a hibachi-inspired chicken stir fry. Lastly, the honey dijon is just so good. I love cooking with that one. It’s obviously great on a crispy chicken salad, but it’s probably the best one to cook with, like for a sheet pan dinner.

What are some less-obvious recipes you’d use these in?

So the honey dijon for example, with the fall coming I’m thinking about Thanksgiving — you could do roasted Brussels sprouts with pancetta with that honey dijon over it and have a rock solid, super flavorful side dish. Or you could do honey dijon glazed ham for Christmas — literally go buy yourself a spiral ham, get some SideDish and you’ll have a stellar main dish right there.

food, dallas food blogger alex snodgrass is ready to serve up a sidedish — of salad dressing

A smattering of SideDish.

I recently combined some chicken and brown rice in lettuce cups with the creamy sesame and added some pickled cucumbers on top. If you’re making a quick shrimp taco, you can toss some slaw in the ranch and in 20 minutes you can have some really good tacos on the dinner table.

What’s next for the Defined Dish?

I’m hoping to make the three dressings into seven to eight versatile, multipurpose dressings. I’m in the works of developing those right now and getting them to be perfect. And then I’m also working on my third book right now, behind the scenes.

Any final thoughts for our readers?

I grew up in a small town, around the dinner table, and I have realized as I’ve gotten older, the value of just sitting down, whether it’s by yourself, with your partner, with your kids, or with your best friend, that moment of the day — whether it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner — is so valuable and so important and can make such a big impact on your everyday happiness and wellbeing. So our motto for SideDish is, “around the table with the ones you love.”

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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