Dambulla Nightlife In Sri Lanka: 5 Best Places Where You Can Enjoy Sipping Cocktails

Dambulla is a large town that is said to be one of the best destinations for planning a trip with your friends. It is situated in Matale district that is in the central province of great Sri Lanka. It offers you a great trip experience loaded with exciting places to visit with your wanderer friends. During the day, you can visit some mind-blowing places that will make your trip fulfilling. For starters, you can visit the Dambulla Cave temple situated there that is one of the famous places to visit. You will have a wonderful time in the lap of nature in the world of ironwood forests. Apart from all the majestic views of the high mountain ranges and natural green forests this place offers, you can get a thrilling experience of Dambulla nightlife. There are numerous things that will make your nightlife at Dambulla a fun-filled and lively time.

5 Places To Enjoy Dambulla Nightlife

You will get a perfect time filled with amazing loud music and vibrant lights of Dambulla nightlife. Here are the best places to enjoy Dambulla Sri Lanka Night Life:

  • Kachchana Bar
  • The Qbaa Bar
  • Machang Dambulla
  • Sherry Land
  • Mango Mango Restaurant

1. Kachchana Bar

explore, travel, sri lanka, dambulla nightlife in sri lanka: 5 best places where you can enjoy sipping cocktails

This place is an epitome of some exciting experiences that you will encounter the nightlife in Dambulla. This place has many interesting offers for all the local and international tourists who visit there. You get to enjoy both strong as well as light drinks to refresh your mood. The bar opens in the afternoon about 1:00 pm and closes in the midnight. It serves a full range of cocktails and mocktails and is famous as the best-known place in Dambulla. Appetizing food of Kachchana is mouthwatering and once visited, you will not forget the great taste of Sri Lankan food you had from this bar. A big TV screen is fitted for the guests in the bar where they can enjoy live matches with their mates. You can also ask to play a romantic movie on that TV screen to watch with your loved one. It is also called the high-end bistro of Dambulla. The Chic lounge of this amazing bar has some excellent programmes for their guests. You can enjoy the live band while having your drink and enjoying your food. Many cultural shows and games are played in the chic lounge of Dambulla that imparts you a lovely time in the Dambulla nightlife. You can even enjoy this awesome time with your mates while sipping the best wines and drinks of Sri Lanka enjoying the beautiful lights and slow background music.

Price for two: 1200 LKRAddress: heritance kandalama, Dambulla, Sri Lanka.Timings: 11:00 am to 12:00 am
Phone no.: +94665555000

2. The Qbaa Bar

explore, travel, sri lanka, dambulla nightlife in sri lanka: 5 best places where you can enjoy sipping cocktails

Are you looking forward to having some relaxation time with your friends after the tiring day of exploring the places of Dambulla- Then, Qbaa bar will be a great place for spending some quality time with your friends. This place is well-renowned in Dambulla and always full of guests, so getting a direct entry would be tough. Always try to have a reservation done earlier to spend some perfect time with your beloved friends or partner. The elegant Interiors of this place will take you to a different world of Dambulla as they represent the rustic aura of the place. More jaw-dropping options come into picture when both mocktails and cocktails are served that will make your tongue savior the traditional taste of Sri-Lankan drinks.

Price for two: 4000 LKRAddress: 2, de fonseka road, Colombo, 00500, Sri Lanka.Timings: 1:00 pm to 12:00 am
Phone no.: +94114889088

3. Machang Dambulla

explore, travel, sri lanka, dambulla nightlife in sri lanka: 5 best places where you can enjoy sipping cocktails

This famous restaurant in Dambulla is the right place for food lovers. Different varieties of foods i.e. purely Sri-Lankan, as well as other types of food, is available at a nominal price. This place promises you with the best Sri Lankan food that will tantalize your tongue with a great taste with an extra-care towards hygiene. Even the Staff is quite helpful and will make you choose the food based on your taste and preferences. The ambiance and interiors are one of the perfect features of this place. The place has the perfect atmosphere for celebrating your dinner night with your loved ones. This will for sure make your mind relax and refresh it. They even have different types of beers and drinks to complement your food.

Price for two: 2500 LKRAddress: No.34, Mirisgoniyawa Trinco road, Dambulla, Sri LankaTimings: 11:00 AM 02:00 PM, 05:00 PM 10:00 PM
Phone no.: (066) 228-4776

4. Sherry Land

explore, travel, sri lanka, dambulla nightlife in sri lanka: 5 best places where you can enjoy sipping cocktails

Popular as the best pub in Dambulla, Nightlife in Dambulla can be enjoyed to the fullest in Sherry Land. You can visit here all alone or with your loved ones. However, a prior booking is mandatory to avoid any fuss created due to the great rush at this place around 8:00 pm onwards. Besides Sri Lankan food, you can taste the food of different cuisines like Chinese, Thai, and Indian. They also have many Sri Lankan traditional drinks comprising of hard and soft drinks on the menu. They make every effort that you have a great time at their exclusive pub. This pub has gained a huge reputation as it is the world’s first off-road pub that will take you to a different life of music and vibrant lights. The high electrical ambiance and modern interiors fully define this place to the best. Due to all these advanced features, it attracts a lot more people who are either the local people or the tourists. The add-on snacks with mouth-watering mocktails will make your meal a special one of all times.

Price for two: 2000 LKRAddress: no. 74, Poruthota Road, Ettukala Negombo, Sri Lanka.Timings: 10:30 am to 11:30 pm.
Phone no.: +94777348559

5. Mango Mango Restaurant

explore, travel, sri lanka, dambulla nightlife in sri lanka: 5 best places where you can enjoy sipping cocktails

A restaurant that serves fresh Asian and Sri Lankan food with a unique taste and value. This restaurant has a great range of appetizing foods that is rich in Asian flavors and is said to make you fall in love with Asian cuisine. In addition to this, quality food that is delicious in taste, as well as healthy, will mesmerize your taste buds. You can visit here with your family and enjoy your nightlife in Dambulla as they host many live bands and Karaoke shows at this restaurant.

Price for two: 2000 LKRAddress: 641 Anuradhapura Road, Dambulla 21100, Sri LankaTimings: 10:30 am to 11:30 pm.
Phone no.: +94 66 2 285410

All these enriching places are great for experiencing Dambulla Nightlife on your trip to Sri Lanka will make your trip the most memorable trip of your lifetime. These pocket-friendly restaurants and bars will suit you best. You can have amazing long drives and walks at night in the great heavenly place of Popham’s arboretum under the sky full of twinkling stars making your trip complete.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dambulla Nightlife

What are some of the offbeat things you can do in Dambulla?

You can go for long drives and take walks at night in the great Popham’s arboretum under the sky. This is one thing you should not miss doing.

How is the Sherry Land in Dambulla?

This is known as the best pub in Dambulla. Since it is popular, it is always full so make sure that you are booking well in advance. This is the world’s first off-road pub and the electric ambiance is what attracts people here.

What is the price of beer in Dambulla?

The official currency here is LKR. One pint of domestic beer is 325 Sri Lankan Rupees. Then, the imported beer is 500 LKR.

Which place in Dambulla is great for food and drinks?

Machang Dambulla is a pretty famous restaurant and is known for its Sri Lankan food and drinks. You will get the food at a nominal price and the people here take extra care towards hygiene.

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