Delivery guy eats customer’s food, texts about how tasty it is

Food apps have made our lives so much easier.

Some nights you get home, and you’re too tired to cook, and there aren’t any restaurants near you, or you might be too tied up with so much work at the office that you cannot find time to grab some lunch.

This is where food apps come in. Before the smartphone explosion, people would have to call a restaurant to order food.

Now, thanks to advances in mobile technology and the wide development of on-demand food delivery apps, we can quickly and easily place orders via the app and have our food delivered wherever and whenever we wish.

How we jump with excitement when the doorbell rings and the food delivery person hands over our packaged food.

But this excitement turned into frustration for a man in the UK when a food delivery agent never turned up and sent a text instead, saying “sorry”. The message received by the customer of the food delivery company Deliveroo is currently attracting attention on Twitter.

@BodyBagnall posted screenshots of a message to a delivery agent from the company on Twitter. In it, the delivery agent contacted Bagnell and apologised. Immediately, Bagnell questioned why through the message itself. The agent’s response was the height of fun.

He said, “This food is very tasty. You can report to the Deliveroo company”.

Shocked to hear this, Bagnall replied, “You’re an awful man”, to which he coolly replied, “I don’t care”.

Deliveroo driver has gone rogue this morning

— Bags (@BodyBagnall) October 28, 2022

Thousands of Twitter users flocked to poke fun at Bagnall over the incident, with one person claiming: “That is a man at his wit’s end with his job.”

Someone else wrote: “The sheer confidence, have to respect that, but he was indeed a very awful man.”

A third added: “I’m laughing now but I know if I was starving and already waited for the food I’d be livid.”

Subsequently, following this tweet, the company ‘Deliveroo’ has expressed regret for this action.

Also, it is noteworthy that they are looking for a specific delivery agent while Bagnell was immediately given another meal.

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