Dodge Delays Final “Last Call” Challenger over Blown Engines

The old adage is true: more power, more problems.

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  • Dodge is sending away its current generation Challenger and Charger models with a “Last Call” program that honors legendary Charger and Challenger models of yesteryear.
  • While most Last Call Charger and Challenger models use off-the-shelf powertrains, this final example is chasing more power.
  • Dodge says the delay stems from failures during engine durability testing, but expects engineers have solved the issues.

    Dodge was expected to reveal the final in its list of “Last Call” Dodge Chargers and Challengers at this year’s SEMA show. Well, as you’re probably aware by now, that’s not going to happen. The reason for the delay: durability tests causing engine failure, according to Dodge’s Tim Kuniskis. Kuniskis believes the problems have been fixed and the last Last Call could make an appearance early next year if things go smoothly.

    While we don’t know any details about this package, it’s safe to assume that these engines are failing because the company is trying to squeeze more power out of the 6.2-liter Hemi V8. Kuniskis even acknowledge that making more power with one of these Hellcat-based engines isn’t exactly a challenge when he addressed the media. If you’re wondering why your neighbor can have a 1000-hp Hellcat Redeye and Dodge can’t put one together: durability standards.

    Apparently, these engines are failing catastrophically during the rigorous durability tests that Dodge puts all of its powertrains through. That means we can probably expect more power than what we saw from its limited-production Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, which boasted 840 hp. The wishful number that will appropriately celebrate the outgoing Challenger and Charger is 1000 hp, but anything north of 900 will make it the most absurd, factory-backed muscle car on the street.

    As for what the company is honoring with this final Last Call? That, too, is up in the air. Even though the engines are holding the program back, the company has yet to even hint at what this special Challenger will look at for its inspiration. Though, if we’re being honest, it would be a mistake to snub Dodge’s Ramchargers.

    Even if Dodge can’t figure manage to make this hopped-up Hellcat pass its testing schedule, the final Last Call will come out; it just might have the same figures as Challenger Black Ghost or Charger King Daytona, which are both the same as a Hellcat Redeye Charger or Challenger. Though, we’re hoping Dodge can figure out their last, Last Call.

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