Domino's Deals Just Got More Expensive

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Domino’s Specialty Pizzas

Next time you order one of Domino’s popular, long-running deals, you may get less than you’re used to and pay more. The fast-food pizza chain has quietly modified its deals to raise prices, either overtly or by offering less value for your money.

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The most obvious change is a price increase of the seemingly never-ending Mix & Match deal. You’ll pay $6.99 for each item in the deal for both delivery and carryout. A year ago, the price was only $5.99, and earlier this year, the price for delivery-only items in the deal went up to $6.99. Now, you’ll pay the same price regardless of whether your order is picked up or delivered.

It’s less obvious, but there’s another change to the Mix & Match deal: six-piece bone-in wings have been removed as a choice and replaced with eight-piece bone-in wings, but you’ll pay $1 extra, or $7.99.

Another big change affects the value of a popular carryout deal. You can order a large pizza for $7.99, the same price it’s been for years, but it now comes with only one topping, not three. More toppings can be added, of course, but you’ll pay $9.74 for two toppings or $11.49 for three. Last week, a three-topping pizza cost only $7.99.

Raising prices on the best pizza deals out there was inevitable, given inflation and labor shortages. Even with the increases, Domino’s pizza deals are still some of the best out there, only second to Little Caesars. Considering the low prices on carryout led to a 14.6% sales growth in Domino’s carryout sales over the last year, we’ll see if that trend continues now that there’s less incentive for customers to pick up their orders.

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