Drove my new Maruti Swift on the highway: Observations post 2nd service

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Got an overall fuel efficiency of 23 km/l as per MID which should translate to 21-22 km/l.

BHPian PrideRed recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Got a second free service done today. I doubt if the service centre did anything other than wash, which was surprisingly done well. Was charged Rs 200 for the hygiene kit, which I believe is their way of collecting the washing charge.

The car surprisingly has munched decent miles, the majority of this came from City driving. Recently took the car for a 200 km drive and was quite fun, especially in Manual mode. The engine has enough grunt to keep up with cars on the highway, unlike the Kwid we had. The brakes are good and stop without any drama. It was quite fun pushing through corners. The engine has a sweet note beyond 3.5-4k rpm. The lightness is felt, which doesn’t inspire confidence to push the car beyond a certain speed, Engine and dynamics are capable though.

Beater car, awesome Bangalore weather, butter smooth road (Blore-Tirupati)- we rolled down the window glass and enjoyed fresh and crisp air while cruising happily at 80-100 km/h. The return journey was with AC on in full blast though, as temperatures started spiking. Bridgestone Ecopia is noisy but offers decent grip and the ride is quite good too. The car deserves a 195-section Michellins though. Got an overall fuel efficiency of 23 km/l as per MID which should translate to 21-22 km/l.

We stopped at Hallimane for breakfast. While the food was decent nothing special. Not having Vada on the menu for breakfast on a Sunday is a crime!

On return, the journey stopped at RK’s which as usual served good food.

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