Dunkin’ Spanish Latte Now Available — Here’s Where You Can Order One

What about a fresh and delicious way to face the morning rush? Get yourself an order of the newest Dunkin’ Spanish Latte!

Dunkin’ brews anew with the Spanish Latte

Coffee lovers are in for a treat because Dunkin’s beverage options have expanded, bringing its patrons a much-loved creamy quencher. Their Spanish Latte, or café con leche, mixes bold espresso shots and sweetened condensed milk, topped with a bit of syrup.

Coff-a-holics would know that while Dunkin’ has a limited coffee menu, their signature brew is a decent cup of joe. So, bolstering their selection with the Spanish Latte is no less a welcome addition!

More affordable than your custom drink

explore, travel, dunkin’ spanish latte now available — here’s where you can order one

The best part is that Dunkin’s Spanish Latte is much more affordable than most commercial drinks. But despite its price, it still surely tastes delicious and sophisticated.

Priced at ₱100, Dunkin’s Spanish Latte lets you have a satisfying cuppa even during petsa de peligro. Enjoy the creamy beverage while sipping it hot, or you can gulp it all down iced if that’s what you prefer.

Paired with Dunkin’s soft and sweet doughnuts, this drink makes for a reasonably-priced breakfast that will also satiate your sweet tooth. It is definitely the perfect drink to get you ready for the day; it’s just as delicious as an afternoon snack, preferably over a box of doughnuts shared with good company.

explore, travel, dunkin’ spanish latte now available — here’s where you can order one

While the Spanish Latte is a welcome treat for customers, there is something to take note of before rushing to your nearest Dunkin’ branch: Only selected branches serve this drink. Fortunately, most branches are found in major malls and gas stations, all of which are easily accessible.

Have you tasted Dunkin’s Spanish Latte? Tell us what you think of this bold new addition by discussing it on our Facebook page!

All images credited to Dunkin’ PH | Official Facebook Page

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