Dutch Custom Shop LM Creations Recreates Iconic Moto Guzzi V8 Racer

2021 V9 Bobber on the inside, 1955 V8 500 GP on the outside.

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Moto Guzzi’s 1955 V8 500 GP racer is the stuff of legend. While complex and notoriously unreliable, the model’s air-cooled, 499cc V8 cranked out 78 horsepower and 171-mph top speed. After only a few years in competition, the Mandello Del Lario factory retired the fully-faired race rig. Still, the V8 made a lasting impression on motorcyclists and designers alike.

Frequently reimagined by toy builders and customizers, the V8’s legacy far outlasts its time on the raceway. Dutch custom shop LM Creations only added to that legacy when it transformed a 2021 Moto Guzzi V9 Bobber 100th Anniversary into a retro racer.

LM Creations’ Luuc Muis collaborated with France’s Motoplex Metz for the project. As a premier Piaggio dealer, Motoplex Metz was looking for a design to celebrate Guzzi’s centennial. Muis’ throwback design not only called back to one of the most iconic models of the brand’s history, but it modernized the package for today’s audience.

LM Creations kept most of the standard V9 Bobber intact, but a hand-shaped aluminum fairing and Grand Prix-style gas tank distinguish the build. To drive the point home, Muis preserved the V8’s handmade aesthetic with purposefully uneven welds.

“One of the oldest tricks in the book is to hide the welds, by using strips of the same aluminum as filler rod,” Muis explained. “But we actually bought a different aluminum that’s darker, to emphasize the hand-built gas tank and the way it was constructed.”

When Muis tapped Custom Coatings to powder coat the tins, he instructed them to refrain from applying Bondo or glossy paint in order to maintain the do-it-yourself look. The vintage-inspired bodywork isn’t all show, though. While the original V8’s front fairing also featured air inlets, LM Creations repositions the slots to direct air at the V9’s cylinder heads.

A brown suede seat complements the solo seat while a custom top yoke with integrated clip-ons completes the cockpit. Kellermann LED indicators and headlight discreetly tuck into the new bodywork, but the off-white grips call attention to the build’s Grand Prix influences. Muis finishes off the retro racer with a set of extended dual shocks, raising the rear for a committed race stance.

As Moto Guzzi enters its second century, LM Creations’ V8-inspired build pays homage to the past and looks to the bright future ahead.

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