Eat These Fruits To Lose 5 Inches of Belly Fat

Fruits are a fabulous source of nutrients, and if you’re not already working them into your diet, what are you waiting for? According to MyPlate, fruit is low in sodium, fat, and calories. It provides your body with dietary fiber, helping to lower your risk of developing serious illnesses, like heart disease. Its high water and fiber contents fill you up, as noted by Healthline, which means you’ll likely eat less and save some calories. Needless to say, fruit is an important staple for your overall health and wellness and a stellar choice if you’re looking to lose weight. We chatted with Lauren Manaker, MS, RDN, LD, CLEC, an award-winning registered dietitian, book author, and recipe developer, who reveals the best fruits to lose five inches of belly fat, so keep reading to learn more.

Just how much fruit should you consume per day? The Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2020-2025 recommends 2 cups to support a well-balanced diet. To give you a good idea, 1 cup (which is around 114 grams) of fruit means a medium-sized pair, a small apple, one large banana, or eight large strawberries (via Healthline).

When looking to slim down your waistline by eating fruit, Manaker points out, “There will be no one food that will guarantee that a person will lose belly fat. But as part of an overall healthy diet and a lifestyle that includes physical activity, including certain fruits may help accomplish this goal.” With that in mind, here are the fruits to include in your weekly rotation.

What are the best fruits to lose five inches of belly fat?

food, eat these fruits to lose 5 inches of belly fat

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Watermelon is mostly water and rich in nutrients. Who doesn’t love to snack on fresh, delicious watermelon, especially when in season? This fruit is chock-full of essential nutrients such as vitamin C. Manaker tells us, “Since hydration can play a role in weight management, eating water-filled fruits like watermelon may help.”

An apple a day may burn belly fat away! Apples have always been on the “good list,” going back to our grandparents and beyond. The reason why they’re a classic favorite is that they’re a source of fiber, which is a satiating nutrient that can assist you in consuming fewer calories over time. Manaker suggests, “Pair your apple with some nut butter for a balanced snack with all of the important macros.”

Blackberries have less sugar than many of their friends. This fruit is such a colorful addition to a fresh salad or accompanied with some Greek yogurt. Manaker tells us, “They are packed with fiber and antioxidants. Including them in dishes adds some natural sweetness with no added sugar—a factor that may help support weight management.”

Avocados are filled with fiber and healthy fats. One avocado contains one gram of sugar per serving, and we love the sound of that! Manaker tells us, “It contains satiating healthy fats and fiber. Leaning on avocado as an addition to meals or snacks can help people feel satisfied and potentially lose their belly fat.”

One orange is a one-man party of vitamins and nutrients. According to Manaker, “Oranges are a great natural source of vitamin C, thiamin, folate, and a slew of other nutrients. Plus, they contain plant compounds that offer unique health benefits. They are naturally sweet with no added sugar, and they are a hydrating food which can potentially help support weight loss.”

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