Eating Bugs in Siem Reap, Cambodia

I know your life has become a routine.You go to work every morning, you go home and the cycle goes on and on.

So if you’re given a chance to travel, you must make the most out of it. Even it means going out of your comfort zone by trying exciting activities or eating food that are new to you.

Dalai Lama said, “Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.”

Yes. If you feel you don’t have much time, once a year is enough, and it’s going to be worth it if you let go of yourself and take on the adventure.

I took this advice by heart when I traveled to Siem Reap, Cambodia.

explore, travel, eating bugs in siem reap, cambodia

Credit: Bo Nielsen via Compfight Creative Commons

explore, travel, eating bugs in siem reap, cambodia

Welcome to Angkor Wat

Siem Reap is the home of the UNESCO Heritage site, Angkor Wat. But more than that, Siem Reap is laid back, a town reminding you to take time to  relax and enjoy what life has to offer. If you are the type who is stressed with work and the city life, Siem Reap can give you a different perspective.

One thing you would notice as you roam around the town are the vendors selling fried insects. Yes some of you would cringe after reading that.

Honestly, I would really want to try it.

But my friends were not into it, and we were all busy exploring the Angkor Temples which I will have a separate post in the coming days.

We were in awe, marvelling at the beauty and history of Siem Reap. But the thought of trying those food on the street, those insects and bugs, kept lingering on me.

explore, travel, eating bugs in siem reap, cambodia
explore, travel, eating bugs in siem reap, cambodia
explore, travel, eating bugs in siem reap, cambodia

After a tiring day of exploring Angkor Wat, we decided to grab a beer and hang out at our guest house’ restaurant.

We were having some good time sharing our experiences of our travel when a group of fellow Filipino travelers arrived. We were delighted to see them, just the normal Filipino reaction when meeting fellow Filipinos in a different country.

We asked them to join us but they were leaving that night going home to Manila.

But one of them was cool enough to give us a present, wrapped in a white plastic bag. He didn’t tell us what’s inside but I knew there was something unusual, when my friend was shocked as he opened it.

Inside were some fried crickets and maggots!

They were all hesitant to accept it, asking one another, Who’s gonna eat that? LOL!

Well I told them, I’m going to try it. Telling myself, I think destiny is working for me this time. I put the bugs on a small plate and ate some while drinking the Angkor beer, a local Cambodian brand.

My travel buddies’ reactions by the time I put the bugs inside my mouth was priceless!

explore, travel, eating bugs in siem reap, cambodia
explore, travel, eating bugs in siem reap, cambodia

Pardon, My Face. LOL!

Honestly, the fried cricket was not that bad at all in terms of its taste. I don’t know but maybe because I already had some beer at that time, but I liked it.

It tastes a bit like chicken skin because of its crispiness.

But the one that is so weird about this food is the texture. It’s so rough inside your mouth that you would feel the bugs’ feet and arms (do insects have arms?LOL) inside your mouth. Not a pleasant feeling but I think If you eat more of this, you’d get used to it.

About the maggots, I didn’t like it. Since maggots are round, it kinda’ explode and pop inside your mouth when you chew it, and there’s something sticky inside that is not so good to be in your mouth. LOL!

But I also tried it. Just two small pieces. As for the crickets, I ate a lot.

I was a bit tipsy that night so I was helpless 🙂 when my friend took a video of me while eating crickets. I don’t usually do this. I am a shy type. LOL!

We were speaking Filipino (Tagalog) and English here, but I think you would understand what we were talking about.

I liked the crickets but not the maggots.

This experience might be horrendous to some, but it just proves that trying this kind of food has its lessons and benefits.

It widens your understanding, of others culture, of how they live and eat.

So when you travel to a new place, let go of your judgments. Let your guard down…

Remember that it is not just the place that will instill lessons and reflections, but the experience you make.

Where To Stay in Siem Reap, Cambodia?

explore, travel, eating bugs in siem reap, cambodia

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How about you?

Do you think you can eat bugs if given a chance? Share your insights in comments below.