Ecuador’s Ministry of Health raises to 24 the number of deaths due to adulterated alcohol consumption

food, ecuador’s ministry of health raises to 24 the number of deaths due to adulterated alcohol consumption

Archive – Ambulance in a hospital in Quito, Ecuador – Juan Diego Montegro/ DPA

Ecuador’s Ministry of Health has raised to 24 the number of deaths and 74 the number of cases under study due to intoxication after drinking adulterated alcohol sold without control or registration in the provinces of Esmeraldas and Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas.

As detailed by the health ministry, each of the provinces recorded half of the deaths, although in Esmeraldas the age range of the deceased is between 26 and 84 years, while in Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas it is between 25 and 59 years.

The Ministry of Health has confirmed that it maintains active “surveillance and monitoring” of those who consumed such alcohol, while continuing to work jointly with other control entities to identify the places of distribution of the drinks.

The authorities have warned about the key symptoms of intoxication: blurred vision, nausea, dizziness or abdominal pain. “In the case of evidencing related symptoms it is important to go to the nearest health center,” he warned.

Likewise, the Health Department has reminded that in the coming days Ecuador will experience national holidays, and has urged citizens to “avoid the consumption of alcohol that does not have health registration”, as well as to “denounce places that sell it”.

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