El Nido Tour C : Secret and Hidden Beaches

If you’ll have an ultimate destination in your bucket list in the Philippines, it should be El Nido!

Dubbed as one of the best islands in the world , this archipelago will surely captivate you with its white beaches, stunning rock formations and limestone cliffs. The question is, if you will spend like a few days in El Nido, what would you do? I recommend that you avail the island hopping tours.

And definitely one of the best is El Nido Tour C. This tour covers the best and most adventurous beaches. It will entail a lot of swimming yet every destination is truly worth it. So let’s start exploring this islands in Palawan.

explore, travel, el nido tour c : secret and hidden beaches

Early in the morning the guide of Northern Hope Tours fetched us from our hotel . We can actually go to our meeting place instead yet they exerted this extra effort, whcih we really appreciated.

We were only about seven tourists on the boat and we had enough guides and boatmen to assist on the tour!

Reminders when doing El Nido Tour C

  1. Have your life vest on especially if you know you’re not a good swimmer. Tour C will make you do a lot of swimming going to its hidden and secret beaches. You have the freedom to take it off but be sure you are confident that you can swim. Haha! But the guides encourage everyone to use life vest. It’s ironic that most tourists with life vest are Filipinos. Haha! You know what that means. 
  2. Don’t forget to bring your aqua shoes. I tell you, you will have to swim with sharp rocks so you need protection.
  3. Listen to your guides. They are there to help and assist you. Okay?
  4. Put your sunblock. But please don’t bring your umbrellas. Utang na loob. The last thing that a traveler in El Nido would want to see is a pabebe girl like your friend exploring El Nido beaches with her umbrella. WTF? Hahaha!
  5. Just enjoy. El Nido is a work of Nature that you must enjoy and marvel.

So let’s start the tour! First stop is Helicopter Island.

1. Helicopter Island
explore, travel, el nido tour c : secret and hidden beaches

This is the nearest from El Nido town so this is either the first or last to explore. As you go near the island, you would realize that it has a strange shape. Until the guide would remind you that it’s called helicopter island.

explore, travel, el nido tour c : secret and hidden beaches

It has a long stretch of white beach with crystal clear waters surrounded by limestone cliffs and  forest. This is perfect for beach bumming and snorkeling. For us, Helicopter island gave us the enough relaxation before embarking on the adventure to the next beach destinations.

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2. Hidden Beach

Let the adventure begin. The boat stopped on the end of these huge rocks. Then the guide said that we will swim to that same route of other tourists going to the hidden beach.

Oh man it was a hell lot of swimming and enduring the sharp rocks, but hidden beach is worth it. Look!

explore, travel, el nido tour c : secret and hidden beaches

It was also an exhausting adventure, so we were all happy to know that on our next destination, we’ll have our lunch!

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3. Talisay Beach – Tapiutan Island

It’s a relatively small beach with towering cliffs at the back. While they were preparing our lunch, we were able to explore this paradise.

explore, travel, el nido tour c : secret and hidden beaches
explore, travel, el nido tour c : secret and hidden beaches

We had a satisfying lunch. The grilled liempo with ensalada and seafood tasted more delicious while eating in El Nido haha We had a good itinerary I must say because after our lunch, it was another endless swim and adventure on our next destination.

4. Secret Beach

explore, travel, el nido tour c : secret and hidden beaches

the Beach

This is a must for every traveler! This is the adventure of a lifetime as you need to swim and pass through a hole going to the other side to witness the secret beach. At times, there are tourists who are unable to experience this because of huge waves and high tide. So if you’ve got your chance, be thankful.

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5. Snorkeling at Matinloc Island

explore, travel, el nido tour c : secret and hidden beaches

Ang ganda!

Usually Tour C includes going to Matinloc Shrine but for some reasons our guides said that we will do the snorkeling instead. Of course, who wouldn’t want to snorkel and experience the underwater madness of El Nido?

So there, we enjoyed swimming with fishes and marveling at colorful corals.

explore, travel, el nido tour c : secret and hidden beaches

uy may Butanding. Joke lang! Ako yan. hahaha!

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Going back to El Nido, we experienced rains and big waves. Good thing we have a huge boat and reliable boatmen. It was one hell of a bumpy ride. So there,  Tour C is just one of the many tours in El Nido. But if you have tight schedule and you only need to explore one, definitely it’s tour C!

Disclaimer: Our Tour was a complimentary of Northern Hope Tours. All opinions, as always, are my own.

Travel Tips for El Nido Tour C

  1. The rates is standard for 1400 pesos per person. There are some stories that tour operators can offer lower rates during off peak season, but again, the local governement imposes standard rates. I suggest that you go for the standard rates to make sure that you get your money’s worth in terms of  food and service.
  2. Make sure that the tour operator has a BIG boat. Go for bigger boats because Tour C will travel to some far islands that waves can be rough at times. I recommend Northern Hope Tours!
  3. Bring waterproof camera or action cam! You need that to capture moments on your tour.
  4. Enjoy and interact with your fellow tourists, guides and boatmen.

How to go to El Nido?

Book a flight from Manila to Puerto Princesa Palawan. From the airport, there are vans that offer direct service going to El Nido. Travel time is about 6 hours. You can also ride a tricycle going to bus station and ride a bus. But I suggests that you go for vans. It’s faster and more comfortable.

Where to stay in El Nido?

We stayed at Ocean Vista Inn, a hotel in El Nido that has a superb location as it is at the center of restos, shops etc. Check my review of this hotel here.

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