ENEOS, Japan's Number One Lubricant Brand Launches Full Line-Up Of Engine Oils For Cars, Motorcycles

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ENEOS, Japan’s Number One oil company has launched its complete line-up of lubricants for both cars and motorcycles.

With a 40 percent share in the lubricants market, ENEOS is known to deliver exceptional performance, long-term protection, and optimum fuel economy borne by continuous innovation with Japan’s leading automakers, race teams, and vehicle engineers.

For the automotive market, ENEOS Philippines has launched a line of engine oils for both gasoline and diesel applications. Formulated in Japan, the line includes:

    ENEOS SN/RC 0W-20 Fully Synthetic

    ENEOS SN/CF 5W-40 Fully Synthetic

    ENEOS SN/CF 5W-30 Synthetic

    ENEOS SN/CF 10W-40 Synthetic

    ENEOS SN/CF 20W -50 Mineral

Meanwhile, for the two-wheeled segment, ENEOS is offering the following:

    ENEOS Racing Spec Pro 4T

    ENEOS Scooter Oil SL/MB 10W-40 Synthetic

    ENEOS SL/MA2 10W-40 Synthetic

    ENEOS SL/MA 20W-40 Synthetic

    ENEOS SJ/MA SAE40 Mineral

    ENEOS SAE 80W-90 Scooter Gear Oil

Established in 2019, ENEOS Philippines is led by Kazumasa Imai who said,” The Philippines is one of our strategic target countries for our lubricants business. We see a lot of potential for growth given the large potential market, the country’s positive economic outlook, and the good reputation of Japanese brands among Filipinos.”

In the future, ENEOS also has plans to expand its offerings to cover other lubricants such as Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) and Automatic Transmission (AT) fluids, diesel engine oils specifically for trucks and buses, hydraulic and compressor oils for industrial use, and lubricants for electric vehicles (EVs). The Japanese lubricant giant is also considering to setup a blending factory in the Philippines.

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