Europe Sesame Bars, maker of Summer Roll and Honey Nougat, no longer sold in Australia

An iconic supermarket treat is disappearing from Australian shelves as the brand’s international owner trims its product line.

The Europe Sesame Bar is a favourite among Aussies thanks to its cheap cost and delicious combination of sesame and caramel, but owner Cadbury Australia confirmed this week the sweet treat has been discontinued.

Popular TikToker Russ Eats shared the scoop the chewy bars were being ‘sent to the junk food graveyard’ on Tuesday.

‘Two of the big Europe four, the Jupiter Bar and the Sesame Bar, are now gone. In my opinion the two best. But we still have the Honey Nougat and the Summer Roll,’ he said.

Commenters said they were disappointed the nostalgic treat would no longer be available.

‘I loved these so much,’ one person said.

‘Sesame Bar is the greatest,’ another added.

‘If they get rid of the Summer Roll then we riot,’ joked a third.

Others said they had seen them in stores this week and suggested snapping the remaining ones up before stock runs out.

food, europe sesame bars, maker of summer roll and honey nougat, no longer sold in australia

TikToker Russ Eats

food, europe sesame bars, maker of summer roll and honey nougat, no longer sold in australia

The once popular Sesame Bar is no longer in vogue

A spokesperson for Cadbury owner Mondelez International confirmed to Daily Mail Australia the bars would no longer be sold.

‘Unfortunately, due to a decline in consumer interest, the product is no longer available for purchase,’ the spokesperson said.

‘We’re always reluctant to retire products and we’re sorry for any disappointment this may cause.’

Russ Eats previously had the tip that popular Australian soda Lift would be removed from shelves in September and replaced with Sprite Lemon+.

Coca Cola, the makers of Lift, confirmed the once-popular soft drink had been phased out at the end of September.

‘Ready-to-drink formats of Lift will be phased out of stores by the end of September 2022, except for Glass 330mL which will be phased out by the end of 2022,’ a Coca Cola spokesperson said.

The drink has been replaced with Sprite Lemon+, but the drink does not have the same flavour as Lift.

‘After listening to our customers, our focus is on our new Sprite Lemon+ range, which we believe will be popular with our existing Lift drinkers,’ the spokesperson added.

Sprite Lemon+ also contains caffeine, a stimulant that wasn’t found in Lift.

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