Eva Longoria Launches a NEW Cookware Line Starting at Just $19

When it comes to cooking—whether you’re a novice in the kitchen or a celebrated home chef—it all comes down to the pots and pans you use. After all, even the most decadent recipe loses its luster when prepared in old cookware decorated with burnt remnants of past meals. So, like many things in the kitchen, your pots and pans also need replacing every few years. And if your cookware’s time has come, you’re in luck because, as of today, actress Eva Longoria launches a new line of stove-to-table pots and pans.

Cleverly dubbed Risa—which means “laughter” in Spanish—the award-winning star famous for her role as Gabrielle Solis (who ironically wasn’t a mastermind in the kitchen) on Desperate Housewives, will wow you with her collection. And the timing couldn’t be better as Risa follows several other dining-centric ventures including a cookbook, tequila brand, and Longoria’s food-focused CNN docuseries Eva Longoria: Searching for Mexico.

Backed by her personal belief that the kitchen is at the heart of every memory, Risa features a pot, frying pan, stackable steamer, splatter screen (a must when cooking with oil), serving stand, and pot holders, all clearly designed with the starlet’s passion for food.

From the nonstick ceramic coating to the ergonomic lid handles, she and e-commerce platform Heyday carefully considered every detail of Risa’s designs. Plus, unlike other nonstick cookware brands on the market, hers is made without commonly found toxic carcinogens (PTFE, PFOA, PFOS, lead, and cadmium).

lifestyle, amazon, eva longoria launches a new cookware line starting at just $19

eva longoria cookware risa

All in all, Longoria wants anyone preparing food to laugh while using her pieces. You can officially shop the collection here or on Amazon for a limited time starting November 1st. To learn more about the inspiration behind the products, scroll on for our exclusive interview with Longoria herself.

House Beautiful: First, can you tell us what inspired you to create a cookware line?

Eva Longoria: I’m a big cook and foodie. I grew up cooking and it’s something I enjoy doing with my family. One of my earliest childhood memories is the sense of pride I felt cooking eggs all by myself at the age of five. I’m always sharing my favorite recipes, so I wrote a cookbook Eva’s Kitchen: Cooking with Love for Family and Friends. Because of my experience in the kitchen, I became obsessed with functionality and simplifying how much I had in my kitchen cabinets. Once I learned that a lot of cookware is non-stick, but not many are non-stick and non-toxic, I wanted to create something that delivered functionality while keeping my family safe and healthy.

HB: Speaking of family, which holiday is your favorite to cook for?

EL: We created Risa to celebrate togetherness in the kitchen, while paying tribute to my Mexican heritage and the laughter that comes from preparing and eating great food with the people we love, especially on Christmas Eve (Nochebuena). My family and I make tamales, my favorite tradition!

HB: So what’s your favorite piece from the collection and why?

EL: That’s so hard to say! Probably the Risa Pan. The sizing is so perfect and the handles are multifunctional. It can function to fry things, but also can be used as a griddle and won’t burn even your egg whites.

lifestyle, amazon, eva longoria launches a new cookware line starting at just $19

Eva Longoria Risa cookware handles

HB: The handles are so unique, what’s the story behind them?

EL: When creating Risa, we wanted to focus on functionality. One thing that frustrated me while cooking was that I never had somewhere to rest my spoons, spatulas, or lids without making a mess or requiring another accessory. Risa’s ergonomic handles are unlike any other cookware brand. We made it so our handles are ergonomic rests for our utensils to solve that issue. You can rest the lids or accessories right on their handles for when you want to quickly mix up your delicious recipe without the risk of getting burned!

HB: Why white and navy colorways?

EL: Risa is available in Deep Blue, Cool Grey, and Natural Ivory. We wanted it to match the most common kitchen colors. Risa isn’t about picturesque, spot-clean kitchens. We want our products to integrate into your life, your kitchen, and mostly, your laughter.

HB: Do you see the brand growing to include more cookware in the future?

EL: Yes! Risa was built to provide solutions in the kitchen. Our items are multi-functional and go from stove to table to eliminate the amount of stuff we have in our cabinets. We will grow, but with items that are multipurpose and provide true value to our customers, with safety and functionality at the forefront.

HB: Finally, what are the kitchen essentials you can’t live without?

EL: In my Mexican-inspired recipes, we LOVE to fry all things, and having the Risa Splatter Screen is super helpful at keeping us from getting burned, especially if my son is helping me in the kitchen!

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