Experience a Rewarding Skincare Routine with Kiehl’s

Kiehl’s, since 1851, has been dedicated to providing efficacious and personalised skincare solutions for everyone. It boasts a wide range of products backed by science and countless years of experience. Its apothecary placed special emphasis on the efficacy of its products while building personal relationships with every consumer.

Being one of the top-quality skincare providers worldwide, Kiehl’s continues to help customers make more informed and confident purchasing decisions. The brand now offers proper skin assessment procedures: a free online consultation and in-store skin assessment courtesy of Kiehl’s Customer Representatives.

What to know about the Kiehl’s Members Event

Last 4 Oct 2022, Kiehl’s gave a sneak peek of their exclusive Members Event at their flagship store at SM Mall of Asia. The free-flowing event featured in-store activities, product giveaways, and skincare consultations, which made it the ultimate skincare experience for all attendees.

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The attendees were in it for a treat. They had the opportunity to build the perfect skincare routine and get their skin assessed by Kiehl’s Customer Representatives and guest dermatologists: Dr. Chesca Quino, Dr. Chesca Sy-Alvarado, and Dr. Zharlah.

Kiehl’s also showed its latest derm-grade skin imaging technology, the Derma Reader Pro. The innovative tool analyses four of the most common skin surface concerns and examines four sub-surface skin issues. Equipped with tri-polar light technology, dermatologists carrying out the assessment will be able to provide an accurate skin visualisation and help users build the perfect skin routine.

explore, travel, experience a rewarding skincare routine with kiehl’s

In the spirit of sustainability, Kiehl’s also gave the nod to its green-thumbed users with the Succulent Exchange Booth. This trade-in kiosk will be present at the Member’s Event weekend in select stores. And, it will reward users for returning empty Kiehl’s bottles with their own succulent plants to spice up their homes.

Users may book an advanced in-store and online skin appointment for a complimentary skin consultation and product recommendations paired with a personalised skincare routine. This emphasises Kiehl’s mission to elevate its users’ skincare experience and provide the best version of their skin. Users who will book an in-store consultation can get the opportunity to experience Kiehl’s advanced assessment tools firsthand.

Interested users may schedule a free dermatologist consultation appointment through this link.

What to know about Kiehl’s Family Rewards Program

explore, travel, experience a rewarding skincare routine with kiehl’s

Kiehl’s, being one of the top quality skincare providers in the world, noticed the shift in consumer behaviour as well as the drastic change in our environment. This led to the launch of Kiehl’s Family Rewards Program, a loyalty program that promotes sustainability and rewards users for using Kiehl’s products in an eco-friendly manner.

That’s why the event’s first look didn’t lack any surprises, as it pulled out all the stops for all its members with countless exclusive offers, irresistible rewards, and gifts that seemed to keep on giving.

Kiehl’s Family Rewards Program contains three membership tiers that reward users with points based on their availed tier. Each in-store or online purchase of Kiehl’s products entitles users under the program to accumulate points that can lead to amazing prizes (including a welcome gift), access to exclusive rewards and events, and a birthday gift on the consumer’s special day.

explore, travel, experience a rewarding skincare routine with kiehl’s

Users earn points via skin consultations and trade-ins at the Succulent Exchange Booth at the Members Event on 15–16 Oct. They can also earn more points by referring friends to Kiehl’s Family Rewards Program. Each accumulated point can lead users closer to redeeming deluxe offers and exclusive vouchers. Shoppers can experience these rewarding offers firsthand with each visit to one of Kiehl’s stores.

Join Kiehl’s on 15–16 Oct to experience the full skincare journey at the Member’s Event weekend. You can participate in select Kiehl’s stores around Metro Manila, where special offers await existing and new members, such as free skin consultations and so much more.

Learn more about Kiehl’s Family Rewards Program here.

For more information and updates regarding the latest Kiehl’s products, visit the official website and its Facebook Messenger and Lazada page.

About Kiehl’s Since 1851

Kiehl’s Since 1851 is dedicated to providing the most efficacious and personalised skincare solutions to everyone, everywhere; it’s part of our “Healthy Skin Guarantee.” Come visit our stores and get a complimentary personalised Skincare Consultation care of our expert Kiehl’s Customer Representatives. True to our spirit of service, we are proud to offer you samples of our finest formulas so you can “Try Before You Buy.”

Information extracted from a press release issued by Centaur Marketing.

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