Experience the top 13 attractions in Kelowna

food, experience the top 13 attractions in kelowna


Kelowna is located in the heart of British Columbia’s wine region, in the scenic Okanagan Valley. Its rolling vineyards, vast orchards, numerous agricultural holdings, and stretches of shoreline that are all surrounded by valley mountains are quite popular. In the summer, Okanagan Lake is the primary attraction as it attracts boaters (both power and sail), swimmers, and kiteboarders. Thousands of visitors from all over the globe visit Big White Resort in the winter, which is located 55 kilometers from the city. Tourists also go to the Okanagan Valley in the fall to sample and savor the region’s world-class wines from numerous vineyards located across the valley.

In Kelowna you will find some beautiful attractions that you just cannot miss! Places like Downtown Kelowna, Blue Hawk Mine, and Knox Mountain Park and many more. Continue scrolling to know more.

food, experience the top 13 attractions in kelowna

Downtown Kelowna is the locals’ center of life as it houses most of the city’s major stores and is near to the lake.

1. Downtown Kelowna

Downtown Kelowna, an area in British Columbia, Canada, is a must-visit for those who love exploring. Visitors enjoy shopping at the numerous stores featured downtown and see for themselves the beauty of Okanagan Lake. Thrillseekers will love the lake as it offers almost every type of watersports such as rafting and kayaking.

food, experience the top 13 attractions in kelowna

Blue Hawk Mine is a gold mine located in Kelowna in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

2. Blue Hawk Mine

The Blue Hawk Mine is on the east slope of Blue Grouse Mountain. Ninety meters is the total horizontal length of the mine. Pooled water is seen at the entrance, but the interiors of the mine are dry with geological formations. Be careful while off-roading around this mine.

food, experience the top 13 attractions in kelowna

Knox Mountain Park is the largest natural area park where visitors can admire the scenic views of nature.

3. Knox Mountain Park

Knox Mountain Park, located in British Columbia, Canada, gives its visitors the freedom to choose their adventure and explore the place. It has numerous nature trails with varying difficulties. Avid hikers and beginners will love the park as it offers something for everyone.

food, experience the top 13 attractions in kelowna

A year-round busy market selling farm-fresh produce.

4. Kelowna Farmers’ And Crafters’ Market

Kelowna Farmers’ and Crafters’ Market is a farmers’ market where around 200 vendors sell locally-made artisanal goods. You can find organic produce, vegetables, fruits including peaches and cherries, baked goods, honey, and fresh eggs and meat. Garments, handmade soaps, jewelry, leather goods, and skincare products are also available at reasonable prices.

food, experience the top 13 attractions in kelowna

Experience nature’s embrace right at the backyard of Kelowna City, BC.

5. Mission Creek Regional Park

Spanning 3.1 miles of back trails and a beautiful river at the side, the Mission Creek Greenway is the perfect adventure for all nature lovers alike. Enjoy the scenery as you be a part of nature, with all sorts of activities for the beginner hiker all the way to the advanced trekker. Lace your running shoes, adjust your trekking poles, and put your biking gears on first, as the trail allows a multitude of land activities that will surely scratch your thirst for adventure!

food, experience the top 13 attractions in kelowna

Okanagan Lake is a beautiful body of water where it houses a hiking trail perfect for nature lovers.

6. Walk Along The Okanagan Lake

Okanagan Lake, located in British Columbia, Canada, is a must-see destination as it features beautiful views of nature. It is an excellent attraction for those who love being in the great outdoors as it features a trail. Visitors can go on for a short walk or stroll and enjoy the scenery of the lake.

food, experience the top 13 attractions in kelowna

Kasugai Garden is a beautiful Japanese garden that features brightly colored flowers and diverse plants.

7. Kasugai Garden

Kasugai Garden is a great place to relax and unwind in British Columbia, Canada. It is a Japanese-style garden where it provides its visitors an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here, visitors will experience peace and tranquility by admiring the beauty of nature.

food, experience the top 13 attractions in kelowna

Experience challenging aerial courses, routes, and terrains at Myra Canyon Adventure Park!.

8. Myra Canyon Adventure Park

Myra Canyon Adventure Park offers a variety of outdoor activities involving high ropes and zip lines while being in the wilderness. The park is accessible even for children three years old and up! There are kinder courses suitable for children to try, like the Netted Climbing Course. You can also enroll your children in summer day camps, but book their slots immediately! As for the adults, numerous activities are available, especially for visitors coming in groups. At least ten team-building activities can test a group’s collaboration and team effort. Visiting this adventure in a group is a must!

food, experience the top 13 attractions in kelowna

A waterfront park in Kelowna, British Columbia.

9. City Park

The British Columbia City Park lies on the banks of Okanagan Lake in Kelowna. The park features long sandy beaches, grassy fields, picnic areas, a children’s waterpark, a skateboard park, and a playground, including volleyball and basketball courts. The park is a great weekend destination in the summer months with live music performances.

food, experience the top 13 attractions in kelowna

Boyce-Gyro Beach Park is one of the most famous and crowded beaches in Kelowna as it offers excellent views.

10. Boyce-Gyro Beach Park

Boyce-Gyro Beach Park in British Columbia, Canada, is the place to be as it offers various amenities and facilities. Visitors will not have difficulty finding something to do at the beach as multiple attractions, such as hotels, are near it. They will also love basking under the sun and getting their picture-perfect tan skin at the beach.

food, experience the top 13 attractions in kelowna

The oldest craft distillery in the Western Canada.

11. Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery

Okanagan Spirits Craft Distillery is known for its production of authentic and award-winning B.C. spirits over decades in Canada. Whiskeys, vodkas, and a variety of liqueurs are made from different kinds of fruits. The distillery specializes in Canada’s first genuine Absinthe, liqueurs, and brandies.

food, experience the top 13 attractions in kelowna

The Okanagan Lavender & Herb Farm is a soothing retreat where you may take in the scents and sights.

12. Okanagan Lavender Herb Farm

The aroma of freshly cut lavender greets you as you enter the Okanagan Lavender and Herb Farm. By the cash register, tastefully displayed bottles of essential oils and distilled hydrosol body mists, lavender eye masks, and lovely bushels of fresh lavender are on display. Over 60 varieties of lavender are among the 18 aromatic herbs and plants planted, picked, dried, and distilled on-site for use in the farm’s hand-crafted botanical goods.

food, experience the top 13 attractions in kelowna

A picturesque lakefront city park in Kelowna.

Waterfront Park is located at the heart of the city and has spectacular views of Lake Okanagan, sandy beaches, waterfalls, lagoons, landscaped gardens, and walking boardwalks. There are on-site washrooms and paddleboat rentals available at the park. The park features evening beach concerts, open-air cinema screenings, and other events.

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