Experience the top 17 attractions in Kuopio

food, experience the top 17 attractions in kuopio


Kuopio (/kuˈoʊpioʊ/, Finnish: [ˈkuo̯pio] ; Latin: Cuopio) is a Finnish city and municipality located in the region of Northern Savonia (Pohjois-Savo). It has a population of 121,557, which makes it the 8th most populous city in Finland and the most populous city in Eastern Finland Province. At the end of 2018, the population of the city center of Kuopio was 89,307. Kuopio has a total area of 4,326.35 square kilometres (1,670.41 sq mi), of which 719.85 km² (277.94 sq mi) is water and half is forest. Though the city’s population is a spread-out 76/km² (200/sq mi), the city’s urban areas are populated comparably densely (urban area: 1,618 /km²), making Kuopio Finland’s second-most densely populated city. Along with the city of Joensuu, Kuopio is one of the major urban, economic, and cultural hubs of Eastern Finland.

In Kuopio you will find some beautiful attractions that you just cannot miss! Places like Pyynikki Park And Observation Tower, Riuttala Farmhouse Museum, and Kuopio Market City Hall and many more. Continue scrolling to know more.

food, experience the top 17 attractions in kuopio

The tallest observation tower and the tallest free-standing structure in the country.

1. Pyynikki Park And Observation Tower

Pyynikki Park and Observation Tower is a 26-meter high observation tower located in Finland. The tower is built using red granite and was finished in the year 1929. There is a staircase as well as a lift to reach the top of the tower. As you go through the stairs you can come across various observation windows. From the top of the tower, you can get a picturesque view of lakes on the north and south sides. There is a café at the entrance of the tower which serves a historic donut recipe that has been unchanged for 80 years.

food, experience the top 17 attractions in kuopio

Riuttala Farmhouse Museum is a delightful place for the whole family located in Kuopio, Finland.

2. Riuttala Farmhouse Museum

Riuttala Farmhouse Museum represents the early 20th-century housing, landscape, and traditional working ways. The history of this farm dates back to as far as 1657 ruled by Peter Brahe, in 1975 the ownership of this farm was passed to Riuttala Foundation for conservation of Peasant Culture and Heritage. At present, this place serves as a museum with over 20 buildings on the premises over 14 hectares.

food, experience the top 17 attractions in kuopio

Kuopio Market City Hall is one of the iconic places in the city and features around 30 stalls that sell different items.

3. Kuopio Market City Hall

Kuopio Market City Hall, located in Kuopio, is more than the city’s center as it also features over 30 stalls where visitors could buy a variety of items. The market hall was first established in 1914 and was designed by Victor Stromberg. It remains to be an iconic landmark in Finland due to its historical past.

food, experience the top 17 attractions in kuopio

An Architectural Marvel in Finland: Kuopio City Theater.

4. Kuopio City Theater

Built-in the 1960s, Kuopio City Theater is an excellent example of a modernist building that attracts approximately 65,000 visitors every year. Well known for its musical productions, Kuopio City Theater is the largest professional theater in Eastern Finland. The theater has been encouraging local musicals, comedy shows, drama, and children’s shows consistently.

food, experience the top 17 attractions in kuopio

5. Valkeisenlampi

Valkeisenlampi is a free fishing area from the city of Kuopio. In the park, Alexander Pushkin and a female sculpture named Springtime can be found. The lake in this park is a great place to walk and enjoy nature. This place is a very good tourist destination next to the city center, located in the Niirala district. The lake in this park is surrounded by playgrounds, a rose garden, greenery all over, and a very nice one to walk.

food, experience the top 17 attractions in kuopio

Lutheran Cathedral is famous for its impressive architectural design and is fully composed of stones.

6. Lutheran Cathedral

Lutheran Cathedral, located in Kuopio, is a unique church due to its stunning architectural design. It features a neoclassical style and is made entirely of stones. It’s also a historical church as it was built during the 18th century. Visitors will also love the serene and tranquil atmosphere the church offers.

food, experience the top 17 attractions in kuopio

Relax and admire the beautiful Snellman Park which is the oldest park in Finland and offers stunning views.

7. Snellman Park

Visitors who just want to relax and admire nature should visit Snellman Park. It is a park that offers great sceneries and greenery perfect for strolling around. The park is 1.4 hectares big and is part of the larger Kuopio National City Park. Visitors should not miss out on enjoying Snellman Park that is surrounded by vibrant flowers and towering trees.

food, experience the top 17 attractions in kuopio

RPS Brewing Indie Brewery offers freshly brewed craft beer which reflects an indie attitude.

8. RPS Brewing Indie Brewery

Avid drinkers will surely love the RPS Brewing Indie Brewery that is located in Finland. The brewery offers one of the best craft beers in the country which visitors must not miss out on trying. The RPS Brewing Indie Brewery also features other alcoholic drinks and also delicious dishes for those who want to try something other than beer.

food, experience the top 17 attractions in kuopio

9. Satamankulma

Satamankulma, located in Kuopio, is a small art gallery where visitors could check out wondrous works by various Finnish local artists. The gallery also features changing exhibits where visitors could see new artworks per month. Although the gallery is just small in size, it is filled with stunning and beautifully created artworks worth checking out.

food, experience the top 17 attractions in kuopio

One of the best hotels in Finland, Arctic Light Hotel.

10. Arctic Light Hotel

Arctic Light Hotel is a contemporary Arctic Circle hotel located in the heart of Lapland-Rovaniemi. It features 57 spacious and individually styled rooms and suites in which arctic wildlife is reinvented for the 21st-century traveler. The hotel is best known for its comfortable rooms and incredible service.

food, experience the top 17 attractions in kuopio

Suomenlinna Fortress is one of Finland’s most famous sights as it is an inhabited sea fortress built on eight islands.

11. Suomenlinna Fortress

Suomenlinna Fortress, located in Kuopio, is a must-visit destination as it is a unique attraction. It is considered to be one of Finland’s most popular sights as it is a one-of-a-kind fortress built on eight islands. Visitors will surely love the fortress as it also offers beautiful views of nature and a peaceful scenery.

food, experience the top 17 attractions in kuopio

Karting is an activity that provides an exhilarating experience to both kids and adults alike.

12. Kuopio Karting Circuit

The Kuopio Karting Circuit is a great pastime for people of all ages and in any weather. On the outdoor track in the summer, you can feel the breeze on your face, while the indoor karting track is open all year long in the winter. The ice-skating track in Tahko is truly once-in-a-lifetime, and go-karting courses constructed of ice are an instant step up.

food, experience the top 17 attractions in kuopio

Puijo tower is an observation tower where it features a panoramic view of Kuopio as well as a revolving restaurant.

13. Enjoy The Panoramic View At Puijo Tower

Puijo tower, located in Kuopio, is a must-visit destination for those who love sightseeing as it is an observation tower. The tower provides an amazing and stunning view of the city that can be seen from the tower’s observation deck. Visitors will surely have a great time visiting the tower.

food, experience the top 17 attractions in kuopio

Take a trip back in history at Kuopio Museum.

14. Kuopio Museum

The Kuopio Museum is a historic Museum in Finland which is designed by J. V. Strömberg in 1907.It showcases the culture and history of Kuopio with help of various displays and artifacts. After the Ateneum and the Turku’s Art Museum, the oldest specially built museum in the country is designated to Kuopio Museum. It has great romantic features and was inspired by other stunning castles in the Nordic countries.

food, experience the top 17 attractions in kuopio

Pilke Science Centre is a large exhibition space that features one-of-a-kind architecture.

15. Pilke Science Centre

Visitors will surely not miss seeing the Pilke Science Centre in Kuopio as it stands out due to its architecture. The center features a modern architectural design that will leave visitors in awe. It also features fun and educational exhibits as well as events as it is a large exhibition space.

food, experience the top 17 attractions in kuopio

Learn more about wine and the process of making it at the Alahovi Berry Wine Farm.

16. Alahovi Berry Wine Farm

Alahovi Berry Wine Farm, located in Kuopio, is a famous attraction as it offers an extraordinary experience. Here visitors would be able to know more about wine and also the process of making it. The farm also lets its guests taste their products. The Alahovi Berry Wine Farm also features stunning scenery of nature perfect for those who want to go on sightseeing.

food, experience the top 17 attractions in kuopio

Saint Joseph’s Church is a religious building that was built as a dedication to St. Joseph.

17. Saint Joseph’s Church

Saint Joseph’s Church, located in Kuopio, is one of the city’s well-known tourist attractions where it was built to commemorate the life of St. Joseph. Visitors would love the church as it also features a tranquil and serene atmosphere that is ideal for worship and praying.

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