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Canada is a land of eternal natural beauty. With sparkling lakes, mountains, luxuriant forests, waterfalls and glaciers; Canada leaves no stone unturned to delight your mind and soul. Among all seasons, autumn or fall season is the most beautiful time to visit Canada as the entire country looks shining and brightest. Wait no further, read this detailed guide to Canada travel-Land of maple leaf and make a plan right away.

Why Is Canada Known As The Land Of Maple Leaf?

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Maple trees are grown in abundance in Canada. With more than 13 varieties of maple trees, Canada boasts of the reddish golden forest cover, that looks stunning and eternally gorgeous. So, the answer of which country is known as the land of maple leaf becomes quite obvious and evident, with this fact. Back in the day in 1834, Jacques Viger; the first Mayor of Montreal and Quebec illustrated the maple leaf as the symbol of Canadian people. Since then, the symbol of maple leaf had been associated with Canada’s political, economic and socio-cultural aspects. Not only the national flag bears the image of maple leaf, but the same has become the national emblem or identity of the country.

explore, travel, things to do, explore canada travel-land of maple leaf on your next trip

Fall or autumn is the most popular season in Canada. Featuring scattered foliage of Canadian maple leaf all over; the country looks beautiful and pretty in the fall colours. To cherish this beauty of nature, Canada celebrates various festivals like Celtic Colours International Festival, The Fall Okanagan Wine Festival and PEI’s Fall Flavour Festival. Held between October to December, these festivals rejoice the advent of beautiful season through local music, dance, fair, food and traditions.

Canada Travel-Land Of Maple Leaf: 5 Places To Visit

Autumn or fall season in Canada is an experience to cherish forever. With the yellowish golden maple leaves all over, the country looks exactly like a picture postcard. Come and check out this wondrous beauty:

1. Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

explore, travel, things to do, explore canada travel-land of maple leaf on your next trip

This is a picturesque island, located at the eastern flank of Nova Scotia in Canada. Featuring rugged forests, beaches and coastlines; this island is considered as one of the best places to visit during fall in the land of maple leaf. Not only its spectacular scenic beauty of the island during autumn, Cape Breton is also much famed for hosting Celtic Colours International Festival during October. Held for 9 days in October, this festival celebrates the beginning of fall in Canada through music, food, dance and carnivals. While in Cape Breton, during this season, do not miss the famous Cabot Trail, which is the complete trail of the island though the coastal forests. Moreover, you can also watch migratory whales from this island, during autumn season, when they tend to come near the shore.

2. Peterborough, Ontario

explore, travel, things to do, explore canada travel-land of maple leaf on your next trip

Perfectly set on the banks of Otonabee River, Peterborough is another spectacular gem of Canada. Lying at 90 minutes driving distance from Toronto; Peterborough has made its way to the list of best weekend retreats during fall season. Enjoy the natural beauty, trek up to the Warsaw Caves and Conservation area and experience the vibrant Norwood Fall Fair, held at the outskirts region. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

3. Riding Mountain National Park

explore, travel, things to do, explore canada travel-land of maple leaf on your next trip

Perfectly described as ‘land of maple leaf’, Canada boasts of many picturesque places and Riding Mountain National Park is surely one of them. Sprawling over 3000 sq. km, Riding Mountain National Park is a part of Canadian Prairies. With vast stretches of boreal forests, grasslands and hills; this forest showcases picturesque beauty and fall colours throughout. Home to black bear, wolves, elk and moose; Riding Mountain National Park fascinates all nature lovers. If you are one of the adventure freaks, indulge with trekking, hiking and Gorge Creek Trail.

4. Algonquin Park

explore, travel, things to do, explore canada travel-land of maple leaf on your next trip

Feel the surreal beauty of falling leaves and sprawling foliage while exploring Algonquin Park, located near Toronto. The place has lakes, rivers and forests and adventure sports facilities too. Visit between October to December to experience the brightest colours of maple trees, take forest trails and enjoy canoeing in the lakes. Don’t forget to add this place to your itinerary while holidaying there!

5. The Laurentians

explore, travel, things to do, explore canada travel-land of maple leaf on your next trip

We all know that land of maple leaf is the nickname of Canada and the beauty of The Laurentians justifies the statement with utmost conviction. Nestled north of Montreal; The Laurentians is another place to experience Canadian fall at its best. With emerald lakes, verdant hills, forests and meandering St. Lawrence River; The Laurentians is one of the best options for weekend escapades and day trips during autumn. One can admire the stunning beauty of maple forests with the foliage of golden, red and orange leaves and relish the locally grown seasonal food like cheese, cider, wine, honey and maple syrup. Moreover, you can also rejuvenate and unwind at the swanky spa resorts in Laurentians and make the most of the vacation.

A fun-filled holiday in Canada is every traveller’s dream and if that’s during the picturesque fall season; that’s even more magical and stunning. Canada travel-Land of maple leaf looks stunning and brightest during fall. Plan a full-fledged holiday to Canada during next autumn and enjoy the riot of fall colours.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Canada Travel – Land Of Maple Leaf

Why is Maple Leaf a Canadian symbol?

Maple leaf played a big role in Canada’s history. First of all, maple has been the staple food of Canadian people throughout. Also, in history, during the war, wounded soldiers used maple leaf as bandages. So, it made its way into Canadian coins, flag, emblems etc. That is why, Maple leaf is a Canadian symbol.

How many points is a maple leaf?

Maple leaf in the Canadian flag is 11 points. These points represent provinces and territories of the country.

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