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If you’ve ever felt like a 7-day cruise just wasn’t enough time at sea, you can now spend more than a month exploring the world. Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic is now offering “epic voyages.” These are a series of eight extended cruises ranging from 18–38 days.

The itineraries are wide-ranging from New Zealand to Indonesia and carefully crafted with Lindblad Expeditions’ more than 50 years of experience in remote, wild, and fascinating places. Guests will get to experience seldom seen and rarely explored destinations, making it feel true to exploration of years past.

Perhaps the most surprising, and meaningful, part of these epic adventures takes place not in the wild, but on-board. “With enough time,” says founder and co-chair of the Board Sven Lindblad, “you’re not just a guest, you’re somebody that everybody gets to know.”

The Longest Voyage

The longest of the epic voyages is a 38-day transatlantic sailing on the National Geographic Explorer. The ship leaves from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and makes trips to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, Tristan da Cunha, Cape Verde, and St. Helena.

There’s something for everyone, from explorers to the history buffs. There will be lectures by an expert team of naturalists, historians, and photographers. You can enjoy wellness programs and spa treatments, gourmet dining options, and wine tastings.

You’ll take in nature and culture through excursions including snorkeling in the waters on Ascension Island, where one of the planet’s largest colonies of endangered green sea turtles lay their eggs. On Tristan da Cunha Island in the South Atlantic, you can see rockhopper penguins and albatrosses and meet the 250 people who live there. You’ll visit the king penguin colonies in South Georgia where there will be tens of thousands on a single beach. On the Cape Verde Islands, you’ll learn about the 18th-century Atlantic slave trade and walk through a UNESCO World Heritage-designated old town.

This cruise departs March 7, 2023.

18–22 Day Epic Voyages

The 18-day cruise from New Zealand to Melanesia on the National Geographic Orion follows in the wake of Captain Cook. You’ll explore the history of intrepid explorers, convicts, and traders while also discovering coral reefs and lagoons. Set sail December 2022, February and October 2023, and January 2024.

Two 19-day cruises include South Georgia and the Falklands aboard National Geographic Resolution or Endurance and the Tales of the Pacific cruise from Easter Island to Tahiti.

The iconic Melanesia cruise goes from New Guinea to the Sepik River and the Solomon Islands. Since New Guinea is one of the least explored places on Earth, you’ll have the unique opportunity to explore all parts of the eastern half of the island nation.

A 21-day cruise on the National Geographic Orion explores Indonesia, sailing from Bali, to Raja Ampat and Papua New Guinea. You’ll experience Komodo dragons in the wild and take part in welcome ceremonies at the secluded villages along the way.

Set sail on a 22-day Southern Odyssey trip from New Zealand and through the Subantarctic Islands. You’ll encounter soaring peaks and countless waterfalls in Fiordland National Park where you’ll spend 2 days exploring Milford and Dusky Sounds. The ship departs December 2022, and January, November, and December 2023.

24–27 Day Epic Voyages

There are two 24-day epic voyages. The first is Wild South America: The Guianas to Brazil. Sail through five countries, two legendary rivers, and places few people have ever seen, including the rare opportunity to explore pristing Fernando de Noronha, a UNESCO site. The ship departs September 2023 and 2024.

The second, Wild Coasts of Argentina, South Georgia, and the Falklands, let’s you experience Argentina’s rugged, and lesser-explored, eastern coast. Seek out secluded ports, wildlife-rich estuaries, and the waters of UNESCO World Heritage-listed Península Valdés. Set sail on this adventure October 19, 2022.

Set sail on a 27-day cruise across the Remote Pacific Islands to explore some of the most far-flung tropical islands in the world, from the archipelago of Palau to the idyllic shores of Tahiti. You’ll encounter remarkable cultures, including the Chamorros of Guam and the handful of residents descending from the first English settlers of Palmerston Island. This ship departs on October 11, 2023.

The Cost Of An Epic Cruise

Prices for the cruises range from $15,160 for the 18-day cruise to $28,010 for the 38-day cruise. Some come with special offers such as air credits, bar tabs, traveling with friends or family, and a fourth guest traveling free.

About Lindblad Expeditions

Lindblad Expeditions has been going to some of the most amazing places on the planet for 50 years — 40 geographies in all. It started when Lars-Eric Lindblad chartered a ship and brought the first non-scientific travelers to Antarctica. A year later, in 1967, he did it again in Galápagos. He believed that educated people who saw things with their own eyes would be a potent force for the preservation of the places they visited. Since 1979, his son Sven-Olof Lindblad grew his legacy and has built the most advanced fleet of expedition ships in the world. The company is also 100-percent carbon neutral and has raised millions of dollars for on-the-ground projects in the places the ships explore.

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