Facing issues with the aftermarket LED tail lamps on my Hyundai Venue

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When only on battery power, both the lights light up perfectly fine and are stable

BHPian PhrozenWire recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hello experts,

I have a Hyundai Venue in which i have upgraded the tail lights to a custom LED set. Of late, they are acting wierd and that too only on the right side. Here is the scenario:

  • When only on battery power, both the lights light up perfectly fine and are stable.
  • When I turn on the ignition, the right side light parking bulb starts running in the initial sequence and keeps on doing that.

Here are video links for the scenario when car is on engine power:

Right side:

Left side:

Here’s what BHPian greenhorn had to say on the matter:

While LED’s are very reliable compared to incandescent bulbs if given the proper voltage/current, the practical truth is that the electronics that do that are extremely spotty because of cost or design issues.

If you go through YouTube teardowns of LED bulbs, you’ll find most Chinese units have one of more of issues like the use of failure prone Chinese brand capacitors probably using capacitor plague era formulas, insufficiently rated heatsinks and resistors. Insufficient voltage regulators which do not protect the LED from voltage variations and sometimes currents higher than recommended to achieve higher brightness.

This is a risk you’ll face with even known and established brands. You should read about the plight of some Cadillac owners who can’t use their cars because their taillights died prematurely and replacements cost as much $2-3k, and tail light is considered essential safety equipment and you can’t operate a car without it. It’s bound to be much worse for generic stuff.

Here’s what BHPian IshaanIan had to say on the matter:

Where did you buy the lights? If online perhaps email the seller if you got them fitted in a store then go back and ask the installer. This is why it is best to stick to people like Lumiere concepts for such stuff where you might spend quite a bit but atleast you will get service support for these kind of things.

Here’s what BHPian ajayc123 had to say on the matter:

It could be an issue with the controlling software / hardware and not the light as such. If you have the option and feasibility, try swapping the two lights to check if the behaviour persists. If so, issue with controller, else issue with led. Alternately try putting another led on the affected side, to see if the behaviour changes or stays the same.

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