Florida Men Steal Mercedes G-Class

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These guys made it look easy…

Thieves really love luxury cars these days and it’s obvious why. Such machines are popular among their clients and can net a huge profit when either chopped or sold. That’s why we’re seeing a lot of cases like this one out of the Miami-Dade areas in Florida where a Mercedes G-Wagon was stolen right out of a driveway and seemingly with little effort.

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The video quality isn’t great, but it looks like the thieves just walk up and open the doors. They’re able to get the luxury SUV started and drive off within 20 seconds. All this makes us suspect the keys were left inside, a problem we’ve seen way too much.

After stealing the pricey luxury SUV, police say the thieves were able to disable the factory GPS system. That’s the thing with the OE units is a thief not only can study where they’re located, but can practice on how to take them down so they can’t be tracked. We recommend that everyone use at least one additional aftermarket GPS tracker on their vehicle, for example the very inexpensive Apple AirTag. That way, if your ride is stolen you might still be able to find it.

Oftentimes, thieves will take a car like this and park it somewhere public but far away for a few days. This is so they can tell if there’s still a tracker active on it. If you don’t recover the vehicle, they then take it to a chop shop, sell it, load it onto a ship, etc.

As for leaving the keys in cars overnight or at any time of the day: don’t do it. With keyless entry and ignition, a lot of people have become absolutely lazy about this, leaving their key in the cupholder or center console. You’re basically just handing the vehicle over to a thief who’s bold enough to try the door handle, which is more common than you might think. Take your key with you, lock up the vehicle, and try being a little more responsible.

Source: WPLG Local 10

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