Food hacks: How to make the viral air fryer pasta bake - ‘This feels illegal!'

food, how to, food hacks: how to make the viral air fryer pasta bake - ‘this feels illegal!'

food hacks air fryer pasta bake

You can virtually cook anything in an air fryer, but some TikTok fans have been outraged by one creator’s dinner suggestion that was made in the popular machine. @airfry_jen shares her best “air fryer tips” and “affordable meal ideas” on the social media platform, but one video got thousands talking.

The video captioned “pasta bake cooked in the air fryer” has amassed 8.4 million views.

Over 117,000 people have liked it and more than 2000 comments have been left.

The video, which is only 11 seconds long, begins with the caption “work tomorrow which can only mean one thing…it’s pasta bake time!”

Jen is seen stirring pasta around the basket of her air fryer, before adding a tin of drained tuna and then pouring a jar of pasta sauce over the top.

She then tells her followers to turn the air fryer to 160 degrees and cook it for 10 minutes on bake mode.

Jen then added a handful of grated cheese on top and the meal was complete.

Someone commented: “Why do people use air fryers for absolutely everything now? Y’all forgot about ya oven?”

Jen explained: “It’s much cheaper using this than my double oven so it’s a no-brainer to use this instead” and then added: “It’s on bake mode it’s the same as using an oven but way cheaper.”


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Another wrote: “This feels illegal,” and a second chimed: “Please don’t!!”

One comment read: “I’m calling the air fryer police,” and another agreed: “This just seems so wrong on every level.”

Some, however, loved the meal suggestion: “Oooohhh now that is an idea!!”

“Noooooo way I didn’t know you could put something like this in! So clever,” another remarked.

Some wondered whether the sauce just dripped through the basket or tray, but Jen confirmed she removed the tray from the air fryer before adding the ingredients.

She also “boiled [the pasta] first” before adding it to her air fryer.

Jen did say “you can do it with uncooked pasta but I’m not keen when it’s too crispy”.

As for what else you can cook in an air fryer, you can make eggs your favourite way.

Whether you enjoy them soft boiled, or fried, the air fryer is a healthier and quicker way of making them.

To soft boil eggs, set the heat to 180 degrees Celcius the timer to seven minutes.

For fried, place tin foil on the basket, and spray with a little oil before breaking two eggs.

Close the air fryer, the temperature should be 190 degrees Celcius and the timer should be set for eight minutes.

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