Foodpanda Rider in Malaysia Completes PhD While Working Full Time

Never give up, guys!

Talk about a story that warms your heart and inspires you to chase your dreams! Recently, a Malaysian man drew praise from netizens in his country after completing his PhD thesis while working as a Foodpanda delivery rider at the same time!

36-year-old Mohd Akmal Azhar posted a selfie to the “Foodpanda Rider Malaysia” Facebook group on 27 September. What was eye-catching about the photo was the fact that he was holding a physical copy of his PhD thesis while posing next to his Foodpanda motorbike in his uniform!

A PhD holder, a delivery rider, and a father! 

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Image credit: Mohd Akmal

According to news portals in Malaysia, Akmal hails from Pahang (where the famous Genting Highlands is located).  The man was pursuing a PhD in Pharmaceutical Technology. Akmal himself stated that he started working as a Foodpanda rider when the Malaysian Movement Control Order (MCO) began in March 2020.

He said that he was able to pick up different soft skills while being a Foodpanda rider in Malaysia. These include patience, communication skills, and time management. Apart from being a delivery rider by day and a PhD student by night, Akmal also became a father TWICE during the four years it took for him to complete his studies. Someone get this man a medal for juggling between so many roles at the same time!

Akmal’s inspirational story has garnered more than 6,000 likes and has been shared close to 1,000 times! The comment section was full of congratulatory messages as Malaysians poured in with their messages of support and awe!

Hopefully, Akmal’s story will inspire many more who may be struggling during this time. Never forget, my friends, where there’s a will, there’s a way!

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