Ford Bronco owners notified of another issue, but there's a fix

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Ford had an instant hit on its hands when it revealed the updated and revived Bronco SUV, but the path to success hasn’t been as smooth as the Blue Oval had hoped. The vehicle has experienced multiple problems, including catastrophic engine failures, that have tarnished its image during the short time it’s been on sale. Now, the automaker is alerting owners to a new issue that could cause the front driveshaft boot to crack. CarBuzz uncovered a letter sent to owners detailing the issue and repair process.

The front driveshaft boot exists to block dirt and grime from getting into the sensitive driveshaft joint. If that happens, it could damage the driveshaft and cause damage to other components. Unfortunately for owners, Ford says the boot can crack in normal driving conditions, so there’s nothing to be done to prevent the problem from arising.

The good news is that of course Bronco owners don’t have to pay for the fix. The letter states that a repair takes about an hour and can be completed for free at a local dealer. The bad news is that the current state of global supply chain affairs and the sometimes tricky staffing situations at dealerships mean that scheduling the fix could take awhile.

We’ve reached out to Ford for more details. In any case, if you own a 2021 Bronco built between September 23, 2020, and September 17, 2021, it’s best not to delay. According to the letter, Ford is only covering repairs through October 12, 2023, and while it’s unlikely to take that long to schedule an appointment, it’s a terrible idea to wait until the last minute to start the process.

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