Ford prices 2023 Bronco's Heritage Editions, Raptor trims

  • Entry-level trims bear modest price increases
  • The off-road-ready Raptor now eclipses six figures
  • Prices on Wildtrak models jump nearly 10 per cent

Canadians who wish to purchase a Ford Bronco will have to dig a bit deeper this upcoming model year. Information found not via press release but through the public build-and-price tool on Ford’s website suggests most – if not all – trims of Ford’s popular off-roader will see a price hike in 2023.

We’ll start with the Heritage Editions, mainly because they’re bloody cool but also because no Canadian pricing was available when the trims were announced this past summer. A no-options two-door Heritage will ding yer bank account for $58,900 ($61,505 on a four-door) while the looks-similar-but-isn’t Heritage Limited sets its opening bid at an eye-popping $86,830 (or $90,155 for an example with four doors. Remember, Heritage Limited models come standard with the V6 EcoBoost, while the Heritage itself can be had with a four-banger – manual or automatic – or the six-pot engine. Both get the Sasquatch gear as standard equipment.

Elsewhere in the ‘neato trims’ portfolio are the Everglades, at $72,220; and the Raptor, which is now deep into six-figure territory, at $106,565. These are hikes of roughly $1,600 and $6,570, respectively. The latter is certainly nothing at which to sneeze, representing a 6.5-per-cent hike over its price in the 2022 model year.

At least equipment groups have held the line on pricing, with the so-called Lux Package still commanding $3,395 — though we feel the need to point out that any machine costing over a hundred grand should probably come standard with adaptive cruise and a heated steering wheel.

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2022 Ford Bronco Raptor Photo by Ford

Plebs who prefer the two-door Base model will now need to front $44,710, which is simply a modest increase from last annum’s $43,199. It’s a similar story with four-door examples of the Big Bend and Black Diamond, now priced at $49,215 and $53,870 (jumps of about $1,400 and $1,500). However, the volume Outer Banks, whose level of creature comforts arguably makes it the best fit for customers trading out of a traditional SUV, has increased by $2,600 to $55,545. The cynical amongst us will suggest this is simply capitalization on a volume trim.

Rounding out the range are the off-road-focused Badlands and Wildtrak trims. Their four-door price tags have gone up from $59,699 and $63,399; to $61,490 and $69,590. The latter is a nearly 10-per-cent hike, a sum which will be felt on monthly purchase payments or end-of-lease residuals. Still, with the model being approximately as popular as free beer – if not more – Ford is guaranteed to sell every single one it can build.

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