FortNine Demonstrates The Wackiest Motorcycle Water Crossing

Wading through murky waters requires a few prudent steps.

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Fan-favorite YouTube channel FortNine has established a style all its own over the past six years. With a mixture of high-brow science and low-brow humor, the video collective attracts riders of all backgrounds. FortNine doesn’t gain such an audience without its high production value and thorough research methods, though.

From thoughtful tips to comical commentary to chalkboard calculus, the crew brings those same time-tested antics to its latest video How to Cross Water on Your Motorcycle. Like most How To installments in FortNine’s repertoire, host Ryan F9 not only covers the various “hows” but also delves into the “whys”.

We’ll leave the water-crossing demonstration to F9, but even when the tone ping-pongs between irreverent and earnest, FortNine videos stand apart from the YouTube milieu. This time around, clever meta jokes and slapstick comedy keep the episode afloat. It’s that versatility that keeps the crowd engaged throughout the five-minute and 26-second run time.

Let’s face it, a majority of the viewers won’t need to cross water anytime in the near future, especially not at the depths captured in the video. Yes, many adventure, dual-sport, and enduro riders will splash through a river or two, but those waters don’t necessitate a snorkel or a heavens-reaching exhaust pipe.

Can someone ride a fully submerged motorcycle through water? Yes, FortNine proves as much. Does anyone really want to ride a motorcycle in such a state? Highly doubtful. Still, the video remains highly relevant to off-road riders. Knowing little pointers like letting rotors cool before plunging into chilly creeks or riding the clutch to help build revs are invaluable nuggets of knowledge.

No, you may not ever cross a small pond or a broad river, but it’s encouraging to know that with a few modest modifications and the right technique, any bike can submarine to the other side.

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