Gary Myers's SMOTY-winning 'Silver Bullet' Mustang

‘Silver Bullet’ is one of the most legendary street machines of all time. Need proof? How about People’s Choice, Top Engineered, Top Judged and Grand Champion on debut at Summernats in 2005. Plus MotorEx Best of Breed and SMOTY – all in the same year!

As published in Street Machine Legends, Volume II

Having won a stack of Summernats Burnout Championship trophies, Gary and Deby Myers had already dabbled in the Elite scene with their trusty GM176 Mustang, but they knew a more purposeful machine was necessary to take home the major awards. That’s where this new Mustang came in.

“I planned it all out, and got a lot of advice from guys like Howard Astill and Owen Webb,” says Gary.

Kicking off Gary’s plan was a full tube chassis by the late John Taverna Sr. It featured Alcon brakes, custom suspension and airbags to dump the Muzzy flat on the deck.

Gary and Jarrod Wood cut the turret into a thousand pieces and welded it back together – minus two inches. They also deleted the gutters and smoothed out window openings, bumpers and lighting surrounds. East Wagga Smash followed with the HOK silver and purple duco.

Inside, there’s a Mazda MX-6-based dash, silver leather by Claude’s Trim and a metal console that carries the exposed fuel, air and brake lines.

Typically, 18.5-inch Mickey Thompsons would be the focal point of any tough streeter. But Silver Bullet trumps those with a twin-blown 392 Hemi, taken out to 410 cubes.

This set-up was inspired by Bill Oakey’s twin-blown Competition Eliminator dragster. The bottom supercharger is a 6/71, with an 8/71 up top, fed by four-port Hilborn injection. Bob Fisher fabricated the intermediate plate and complex drive system.

“I ran it with a single blower at ’Nats 19,” says Gary, “but went back to double, as all the promoters wanted the twins. I sold it to Perry Meka and he had all the purple changed to candy red, added new wheels and called it ‘Voodu’.

It was eventually sold in the US and pops up every now and then.”




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