Genesis Electrified GV70 (2023) review: battery is best

► Fully electric Genesis GV70 SUV ► Impressive stats, excellent tech
► Single model range only

What could be more zeitgeisty than an electric SUV? The Electrified is the version of the Genesis GV70 that arguably should have arrived to help launch the premium SUV right from the start.

The name is somewhat confusing, as ‘Electrified’ might seem to suggest a plug-in hybrid, but this is pure EV. It comes complete with a range of 283 miles and performance and pricing to match the rivals from the likes of Audi, BMW and Mercedes – all are pitched at those with similar financial and spatial needs.

What should the Genesis GV70 Electrified be tempting me out of then?

The GV70 is the SUV version of the G70, which means it is GLC to Mercedes’ C-Class or the BMW X3 to the 3 Series. As this is the electric version, it follows that this is the rival to the EQC and iX3 respectively, therefore.

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The Electrified version gets all the premium touches and customer service features that make the standard GV70 so special – a five-year warranty, courtesy cars if needed, roadside assistance, vehicle drop off and collection come service time and even Genesis personal assistants – but adds a powerful and impressive battery and motor setup.

All this comes at a competitive price, too, which means that the solitary model and version seems good value against its rivals, particularly when you factor in the high level of standard kit.

What makes the Genesis GV70 Electrified special inside?

Genesis is not looking to make the Electrified a standout or stand-alone version in the GV70 range, so there isn’t a huge amount that is bespoke versus the petrol models. There are a couple of touches – a few bits of recycled materials around the cabin are one example, along with the easy access seating that will move both driver and passenger to a pre-set position for optimum comfort.

auto, autos, car, cars, genesis, reviews, genesis electrified gv70 (2023) review: battery is best

One much more exciting feature is the Boost button, which is tucked onto the lower part of the steering wheel. This gives you a surge of extra power that unlocks more of the powertrain’s performance that in turn enables you to go a little quicker for around 10 seconds. More on that later.

Beyond that, it is the same smart, high-quality interior that the standard GV70 comes with, with an easily navigated large screen that can be operated by touch or via the rotary dial down by the gear selector. The separate climate controls are welcome, though.

There are also some clever touches that you can’t see. If you spec the Innovation Pack then you get a system that creates a sound frequency that aims to cut out ambient noise, much in the same way as a pair of noise cancelling headphones does.

What is the Genesis GV70 Electrified powered by?

There is just the one battery and motor option for the GV70 Electrified. That’s not strictly true, as it uses a dual-motor setup to produce up to 490hp. This in turn is kept moving by a 77.4kWh battery that promises an official range of 283 miles.

auto, autos, car, cars, genesis, reviews, genesis electrified gv70 (2023) review: battery is best

The 490hp isn’t the whole story, though. The majority of the time it has to make do with 436hp and a 0-62mph time of 4.8 seconds. It’s only when you hit the ‘Boost’ button on the steering wheel that you get access to the full power, and only then for around 10 seconds at a time. This then reduces the 0-62mph time to 4.2 seconds.

What is the GV70 Electrified like to drive?

Holding some power back doesn’t exactly constrain the GV70, though – it’s not as if the power you have access to is insufficient after all. Instead, the boost button makes for an entertaining little party trick, for not only do you get that extra punch of pace, you also get treated to a little trick from the driver’s seat. It gives the impression that it is hunkering down and holding on, by electronically lowering the driver’s seat and moving the side bolsters in slightly. It’s a bit of fun but is a bit gimmicky.

Neutering the power in the GV70 Electrified somewhat helps in other areas, though. It means you don’t get pinned to the back of the seat inadvertently while trying to pull away from a standstill.

auto, autos, car, cars, genesis, reviews, genesis electrified gv70 (2023) review: battery is best

The other factor that holds the GV70 back somewhat is its sheer bulk – it weighs in at 2310kg, which means it doesn’t feel that light-footed. Despite that, it controls its size well when being hustled around corners. This means the perfect ride experience remains elusive – it feels a bit bumpy on poor road surfaces, despite the active adaptive suspension that reads the road ahead and adjusts according to needs. It does a good job, particularly at higher speeds where it is able to scrub off the worst of the rough stuff but it can’t totally counter the laws of physics and you feel potholes and road detritus at a slower pace.

That noise cancelling technology is another system that can’t go quite as far as its name suggests, but it makes a big difference, helping give the cabin a quiet and refined atmosphere when you’re on the move. Not that a well-insulated electric SUV is going to be a raucous sounding car anyway.

It’s a shame you have to dig deep into the menus on the touchscreen to access it but it isn’t the kind of system you’ll switch on and off loads anyway – once you’ve found if you’ll likely just leave it turned on.


We thought that the petrol GV70 was the most compelling Genesis when that launched, but this version makes a whole lot more sense again. It’s that bit quieter, more efficient and the electric element just seems to suit a newly launched modern SUV more so than a slightly thirsty petrol engine does.

The kit list is generous but with enough quality and innovation in there to set it aside from the usual ‘throw everything at it to make it seem good value’ approach that is often taken by new entrants hoping to steal sales from the established rivals.

It’s undeniably an expensive purchase, but the single, smart trim is not the only benefit. Genesis has partnered with Ionity to offer five years of discounted charging at public points, while you also get a Genesis wallbox at home. This is on top of the concierge approach that the company takes, offering services such as vehicle collection and delivery come servicing time.

With that sort of backup, and the smart finish inside and out, this is a leap that won’t feel like a daunting one.

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