Glory Beach Resort: Your Hotel of Choice in Port Dickson, Malaysia

If you’re stuck in the city life of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for days and you feel the urge for some beach bumming experience, to soak under the sun and enjoy the tropical weather.

Well, you don’t need to look that far, because in less than an hour of travel from Kuala Lumpur is a coastal town known for its beautiful beaches and island life. It’s what the locals call PD, short for Port Dickson, Malaysia!

Over the years this town has been a popular destination for locals especially coming from the nearby cities for some beach getaway experience. And with the advent of social media, Port Dickson is creating some traction among foreign travelers!  Aside from that, Port Dickson is not only about beaches! It also has some exciting spots that will truly keep you entertained during your stay in Malaysia. There are Ostrich Farms, Military Museum, Chinese Temples, 3D Art Galleries and a lot more!

With the increasing popularity of Port Dickson, comes the number of resorts and hotels that were built along the coast. With these choices for accommodation, choosing the right one is not an easy feat.

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Credit: Glory Beach Resort site

But of course, I wouldn’t want to make your dilemma that long, because if you’re looking for an awesome stay in Port Dickson, Glory Beach Resort should be your number one choice!

Glory Beach Resort boasts its homey resorts apartment type of accommodation featuring a balcony with stunning view of the sea to create that ultimate relaxation and comfort perfect for you and your family. It has 260 luxurious apartments with choices for 1,2 or 3 bedrooms depending on your needs.

One of the main attractions in the resort is the Turtle Hatchery Centre which serves as protection of the species since Port Dickson is known for turtle landings and hatchery for many years. This also creates awareness among locals and guests to help protect turtles and conserve the environment. Turtle eggs found from Port Dickson beaches are brought to this Hatchery Centre. The hatchings are then released to the sea in time.

Amenities of Glory Beach Resort

explore, travel, glory beach resort: your hotel of choice in port dickson, malaysia

Credit: Glory Beach Resort Site

You can never go wrong with choosing Glory Beach Resort with its amenities.

Each apartment is equipped with living and dining area. A balcony is also available to create that perfect relaxation. All rooms have kitchenette with kettle for more convenient living. It’s also equipped with standard tea and coffee-making facility, LCD TV, heater shower and air-conditioning units.

Glory Beach Resort has two restaurants. Karah Cafe is for that casual-dining experience featuring local and international cuisines. If you want to have some drinks and good times with friends, Glory Sport Bar is just located at the Mezzanine floor. It features live bands and acts for total entertainment.

If you want to chill some more, the resort has a spa center to ease your stress away. Guests also have access to swimming pools if you choose to swim while staying inside the facility. For those sporty types, there are also tennis courts, playgrounds and beach volleyball facilities to choose from.

explore, travel, glory beach resort: your hotel of choice in port dickson, malaysia

Party! Creadt: Glory Beach Resort site

How to Book at Glory Beach Resort?

To get the best rates and also the fastest and most convenient way to book is through Traveloka!

You may book via the website, or you may download the app and process the booking. Once you open the app, just type in Port Dickson, Malaysia at the destination field. Then set the check in date, duration, total guests and rooms. Once you click the search button, you will see Glory Beach Resort to be one of the top choices to book since it has high reviews from users. Click the resort’s name and process the booking.

Through Traveloka, you are assured of a seamless booking experience with reliable information and honest reviews of resorts and accommodation.

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