GWM: ORA Lightning Cat Launched in China with a gorgeous appearance

On October 31, the product release conference of ORA Lightning Cat themed "Excellent both in Appearance and Quality" was held in Beijing

On October 31, the product release conference of ORA Lightning Cat themed “Excellent both in Appearance and Quality” was held in Beijing. ORA Lightning Cat released four models.The ORA Lightning Cat, with the 30-year-old car-making experience of GWM, is positioned as a super-streamlined pure electric coupe, interpreting the beauty of dynamics with design aesthetics inspired by nature. With the appearance design of super-streamlined aesthetics, the industry-leading intelligent driving assistant system, the “worry-free battery” of safety priority, and the high-strength steel cage body, the ORA Lightning Cat makes the customers “fall in love at first sight”, creating a stunning driving experience for young people in the new era.

“In the four years since the launch of ORA, we have chosen and done one thing right – changing old rules and discovering new values.” Dong Yudong CEO of ORA Brand said: “Although ORA is very young, empowered by the strong system of GWM Group, ORA’s pace of going global has become even more assured. China’s ORA Has Gone Global With the thinking of “global big single product” as the concept of product and service development, we not only focus on the fashionable impressions of products, but also highlight the core technical indicators, thus creating a comprehensive experience that pleases female customers and reassures male customers. Hence, the Lightning Cat you see is excellent both in appearance and quality!”

Super-streamlined modeling, interpreting the beauty of dynamics with natural aesthetics

As a super-streamlined pure electric coupe fitting urban trendy ideas and consumption concepts, ORA Lightning Cat inherits the style of ORA family, using the design aesthetics inspired by nature. The plenty of curve design elements all over the vehicle body that combines beautiful waistline, high-curvature windows, full back and cool adaptive electric tail create stunning visual effects. What’s more, it is designed with a supercar-class encircling cockpit and a T-shaped hollow center console, with physical buttons and comfortable ergonomic seats and a dome-type panoramic canopy extending through the rear of the car, creating a third space of exquisite, light luxury and sports, showing elegant style.

“If the super-streamlined contour hits our aesthetics at first glance, the details of the Lightning Cat present itself as a dimensionl upgrade of ‘stunning’,” said Liu Tong, a modern origami artist, who was invited to the conference. Taking wheel hubs as an example, what we often see on the street are mostly straight and radial. However, the wheel hub of the Lightning Cat as we can see is mimicry of the cat’s claw; The front grille simulates the sparkling water surface; The lights are round and bright, and the automatic-controlled electric tail is like a cat, with tight muscles, as if it will break free in the next moment and pounce on its prey at a high windy speed.”

The ORA Lightning Cat’s super-streamlined modeling brings an ultra-low wind resistance coefficient of 0.22Cd. With a brand-new battery, motor and electronic control systems, dual-motor four-wheel drive, intelligent torque distribution, it achieves the maximum power of 300kW, maximum torque of 680N·m, and zero-hundred acceleration of 4.3s. In addition, 19-inch cat-claw bionic wheel hubs + Michelin PS EV tires enable its better ground grip and support, bringing its driver driving experiences of “riding on the wind, as swift as lighting”.

From safety priority to intelligent guardianship, refined intrinsic quality rivaling million-class coupe

Adhering to the concept of safety priority, ORA brand designs a cage body of high-strength steel for the vehicle, equipped with the industry-leading “worry-free battery”. Previously, ORA Automobile worked with CATARC to carry out four rigorous tests for the “worry-free battery” and matched more extreme test items in the vehicle testing stage. This made the ORA the first new energy vehicle model to be tested by CATARC under the “test simulating real accident conditions”, leading the improvement in safety standards for new energy vehicles, thus adding more sense of security to users. Professor Zhang Jinhuan, Secretary-General of China Society of Automotive Engineers and Automotive Safety Technology Branch, was invited to the press conference to issue the “Top Safety Collision Challenge Certificate” to ORA Lightning Cat on behalf of China Automotive Technology and Research Center Co., Ltd. What’s more, Professor Zhang highly praised the safety of ORA Lightning Cat battery and the complete vehicle as “withstanding strict tests to reassure users” and “the first authoritative challenger”. ORA, with its “obsessiveness” about safety, will make users’ each journey safe and worry-free.

While satisfying users’ dreams of supercars with appearance and performance and relieving users’ concerns about electric vehicles with ultimate safety standards, ORA Lightning Cat also brings excellent intelligent technology experience. ORA Lightning Cat is equipped with 28 smart sensors, including 1 ADAS camera, 5 millimeter-wave radars, 12 ultrasonic radars, 4 all-around view cameras, 4 side view cameras, and one 3D facial recognition camera. Meanwhile, it is equipped with the fusion solution of 5G multi-satellite high-precision maps to realize stronger perception at the same level.

It is worth mentioning that among its peers, ORA Lightning Cat is the only one equipped with the ultraviolet sterilization system. It can effectively kill influenza viruses, mites, hepatitis B, escherichia coli and other common bacteria and viruses. Ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 253.7 nm are recognized as most effective bacteriocidal substance, and the UVC system used by Eulerian Lightning Cat is the high-frequency ultraviolet ray with a wavelength of 200 nm-280 nm, which is within that range. The invisible details can better manifest the service philosophy of ORA Lightning Cat and protect the health of its passengers.

Over the past four years since its establishment, ORA has actively embraced the changes of the times and is committed to changing old rules and discovering new values. ORA Lightning Cat not only has stunning appearance, excellent perception like a cat and full product power of safety and intelligence, but also has super-valuable price positioning, comprehensive and perfect rights and interests of car purchase and service. All of that makes you fall in love with it at a glance.

In the fiercely competitive pure electric market, only by winning with comprehensive product capabilities can one control the trend. The launch of ORA Lightning Cat will continue to enhance its competitiveness and share of ORA brand in the high-end new energy vehicle market, and become a fashionable car for more urban young talents. In the meantime, it officially targets the new champion of B-class pure electric coupes!


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