HAP CHAN MENU (Affordable, Tasty Chinese Classics)

Fast-casual Chinese concepts are a dime a dozen in a country that has a sizeable community of Chinese descent. Yet a few names shine brightly and have become popular go-to spots for those craving for dimsum, noodles, and short orders full of flavor and Asian flair. One of these is Hap Chan, a common sight in many a mall or commercial hub.

Hap Chan’s humble roots date back to 1997, beginning as a small tea house in Manila that served simple Filipino-Chinese favorites: dimsum, congee, and mami. Because of their quick service, good food, and affordable prices, there was a clamor from hungry diners that prompted its franchising under Hap Chan Trading and Management Corporation in 1999.

explore, travel, hap chan menu (affordable, tasty chinese classics)

The corporation expanded to more branches and operated with these different restaurant concepts for Hap Chan: Seafood Restaurant, Full Restaurant, Tea House and Express. Tea House and Express serve its more casual fare like rice toppings and Hong Kong street fare, while Seafood Restaurant and Full Restaurant serve classic dishes focused on sharing, like hearty hotpots and short orders.

Hap Chan now has around 100 branches open around the country today, and much of this may be attributed to their corporate values that emphasize responsible ownership, consistency, and teamwork. Their company ideas occupy a prominent position in their main website, serving as a firm reminder that Hap Chan has not forgotten to honor its hardworking origins!

Hap Chan Menu

The dizzying array of Chinese delights on Hap Chan’s menu can make it tricky to navigate, but it always begins with soup or a small selection of dimsum. Get their Hakaw or Shark’s Fin Dumpling as appetizers to start your meal, or warm your tummy with a bowlful of Polonchay Seafood Soup.

Shrimp Siomai  ₱135
Hakaw  ₱155
Chicken Feet  ₱175
Spareribs w/ Tausi  ₱175
Shark’s Fin Dumpling  ₱110
Pork & Vegetable Dumpling  ₱135
Machang (steamed or fried)  ₱190
Asado Siopao  ₱135
Bola Bola Siopao  ₱135
Jumbo Siopao  ₱150
Radish Cake  ₱90
Cua Pao (steamed or fried)  ₱70
Quail Egg Siomai  ₱110
Kikiam  ₱155
Wanton Noodle Regular –  ₱250
Small –  ₱150
Beef Brisket Noodle Regular –  ₱299
Small –  ₱165
Asado Noodle Regular –  ₱275
Small –  ₱165
Plain Noodle  ₱120
Wanton Soup  ₱245
Any Two Kind Combination  ₱280

explore, travel, hap chan menu (affordable, tasty chinese classics)

SOUP Price
Fish Lip w/ Shredded Meat Soup Small –  ₱260
Regular –  ₱420
Hot & Sour Soup Small –  ₱300
Regular –  ₱500
Ho To Tay Soup Small –  ₱320
Regular –  ₱520
Nido w/ Sweet Corn Soup Small –  ₱225
Regular –  ₱380
Nido w/ Quail Egg Soup Small –  ₱225
Regular –  ₱380
Polonchay Seafood Soup Small –  ₱350
Regular –  ₱600
Special Congee ₱190
Pork w/ Century Egg Congee ₱180
Meat Ball Congee ₱180
Sliced Beef Congee ₱180
Sliced Beef Congee ₱145
Plain Congee ₱70
Century Egg ₱55
Fresh Egg ₱25

explore, travel, hap chan menu (affordable, tasty chinese classics)

Fried Wanton ₱230
Fried Wanton ₱335
Broccoli w/ Garlic ₱250
Kaylan w/ Garlic ₱220
Taiwan Pechay w/ Garlic ₱220
Mango Sago ₱100
Chilled Taho ₱50
Chilled Taho w/ Sago ₱65
Chilled Taho w/ Mango ₱85
Chilled Taho w/ Mango & Sago ₱90
Butchi ₱75
Almond Jelly ₱75
Black Gulaman w/ Sago ₱80
Almond Jelly w/ Lychee ₱95
Patatim w/ Cuapao (Good for56persons) ₱1,200
Braised Pork Knuckle in Oyster Sauce w/ Cuapao ₱400
Crispy Fried Pork Knuckle ₱360
Sweet & Sour Pork ₱420
Fried Spareribs w/ Salt & Pepper ₱510
Fried Spareribs w/ OK Sauce ₱510
Lumpia Shanghai ₱330
Hap Chan Crispy Fried Chicken ₱520
Fried Chicken Fillet w/ Lemon Sauce ₱370
Sweet & Sour Chicken Fillet ₱325
Fried Buttered Chicken ₱340
Beef Steak Chinese Style ₱499
Sauteed Beef w/ Broccoli Flower ₱375
Sliced Beef Steak w/ Mango ₱395
Beef Steak in Black Pepper Sauce ₱490
Beef Steak with Ginger Onion ₱495
Lo-Hon-Chay Vegetable ₱280
Chop Suey Guisado ₱330
Steamed Fish Fillet w/ Garlic ₱560
Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet ₱460
Fried Fish Fillet w/ Salt & Pepper ₱465
Fried Shrimp (Camaron Rebusado) ₱485
Shrimp w/ Broccoli Flower ₱525
Shrimp w/ Scrambled Egg ₱495
Fried Squid w/ Salt & Pepper ₱350

If you want something a little more adventurous, you can’t go wrong with a plateful of their Cold Cuts 5 Kinds heaped with tantalizing bites of asado, lechon macau, kikiam, jellyfish and century egg. Spring for the Chinese Classics selection when it comes to their mains. We highly recommend the Hot Shrimp Salad, Fried Spareribs with Salt And Pepper, and the Braised Beef With Ampalaya.

It’s not a complete Chinese feast without rice or noodles! Order the Crispy Fried Noodles With Mixed Meat for an unexpected twist to the usual noodle plate – pour the luscious sauce on and you’re in for a treat! You can’t go wrong with the popular Yang Chow Fried Rice or Diced Chicken With Salted Fish Fried Rice to complement your other dishes.

Rice & Noodle (Good for 3-4 persons)
Yang Chow Fried Rice – ₱380
Diced Chicken w/ Salted Fish Fried Rice – ₱260
Garlic Fried Rice – ₱185
Minced Beef Fried Rice – ₱300
Sliced Beef Fried Ho-Fan – ₱320
Fried Bihon Singapore Style – ₱320
Mixed Meat Canton – ₱300
Pancit Bihon Guisado – ₱280
Birthday Noodle – ₱320
Plain Rice – ₱40

Hot Pot (Good for 2-3 persons)
Special Hot Pot – ₱485
Beef Brisket w/ Raddish – ₱470
Fish Fillet w/ Taufu – ₱410
Lechon Kawali w/ Taufu – ₱380

Roasting (Good for 2-3 persons)
Roasted Pork Asado – ₱370
Jellyfish w/ Century – ₱450
Egg Lechon Macau – ₱510
Assorted Cold Cuts – 3 Kinds – ₱375
5 Kinds – ₱590

Hap Chan Delivery

Yearning for your Chinese food cravings to be satisfied? Hap Chan has an official site where you can place deliveries. Go to https://hapchandelivery.ph/ and place an order worth at least Php500 to tuck into some Hap Chan at home. They’re also available on Foodpanda and Grab Food, so you can just place an order through your preferred app and simply wait for it to arrive!