Harsh Realities that Weekend Warriors Often Encounter

Most weekend travels do not always happen as planned. If you are a weekend warrior, you have probably encountered these harsh realities!

Not everyone has the luxury of time and money so many of us take advantage of the weekends and the holidays that make them a little longer.

Most of these weekend trips are usually planned weeks or even months ahead, allowing everyone the chance to get their leaves approved by their bosses, their work done ahead of time and their travel fund increased. But, no matter how meticulously planned these getaways may be, weekend warriors are still faced with surprises that can make or break the trip.

Can you relate to any of these harsh realities?

You may have to be a little spontaneous

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Image credit: Laagan Nga Bata

So you have got it all planned to a T but even though you’ve dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s, somewhere, somehow things still get messed up. You have no choice but to go on with the trip even though the weather forecast said it will be raining buckets the entire weekend. Even though you had your itinerary planned out months ago, you still end up being spontaneous as you change plans at the last minute.

Everything can be fully booked

Sadly, being spontaneous on weekend travels is not as easy as it seems. Most people are probably headed the same way as you are so you can expect hotels, inns and even the most budget of accommodations to be fully booked. The same thing also goes for the restaurants that you decide to dine in or the streets you walk along.

Attractions can be very crowded

explore, travel, harsh realities that weekend warriors often encounter
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Obviously, the most popular attractions are not spared. You’d be lucky if you can manage to get a stake at a prime tourist real estate that will still allow you to move around or stretch your legs. You’ll probably end up staying only for a few minutes instead of a few hours or you might just skip that part altogether.

It can leave you very exhausted

Weekend trips are usually not for the introverted kind because peace and solitude gets rarely achieved. Even if you were extroverted in nature, you would probably still end up being very exhausted as you fight your way through throngs of crowds.

Work emails can kill the buzz

explore, travel, harsh realities that weekend warriors often encounter
Image credit: Steven Zwerink

People usually have a love-hate relationship for the Internet during quick getaways. Sure, it allows you to update loved ones and, erm, humble-brag to your social media friends what an awesome place you are staying at but it also means an easier way for your boss to reach you.

Have you ever tried relaxing some place else only to hear your phone constantly beep as your boss tries to reach you? We hate to be a buzzkill but you DO have a huge workload waiting for you by the time you come back from your little escapade.

Good things can come to an end

explore, travel, harsh realities that weekend warriors often encounter
Image credit: Hey, Miss Adventures!

John Lennon once said, “Everything will be okay in the end; if it’s not okay, it’s not the end”.

Unfortunately, good things still have its ending as long as we are living. But, just because you are about to say goodbye to your beautiful weekend view does not mean you quit travelling, right? In fact, it might just inspire you to do better at work, or whatever it is that you do, so you can spend more time enjoying awesome views and adventurous experiences.

Most weekend travels do not always happen as planned and it could be because they go for the worse…or for the better. How you react will leave a lasting impact on your memory of that experience so choose how to do it wisely. After all, when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Or you can add it to your margarita, too.

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