Have the itch to get a new car; confused between the M340i & GLA35 AMG

auto, autos, car, cars, mg, have the itch to get a new car; confused between the m340i & gla35 amg

The current car is still driving great. I love it barring the suspension and the sound system. Great mix of practicality and power.

BHPian mrugu recently shared this with other enthusiasts.


I am in a bit of a dilemma and looking for advice.

I have a 3.5 year old 330i GT MSport. Been dabbling if I should get a new car since I generally love to change out every 3-4 years (I find it to be a sweet spot for resale as well).

Now the dilemma:

  • Option 1: Get a GLA 35 AMG
  • Option 2: Get a M340i
  • Option 3: The current car is still driving great. I love it barring the suspension and the sound system. Great mix of practicality and power. Ever reliable 2L Petrol.

Pros and Cons:


  • Better interiors. More sleek and modern.
  • Better sound system than even the Harman Kardon.
  • More room and more practical for longer drives and trips (I take 2-3 road trips a year easily).
  • Decent drive – much better than a typical Merc but not upto the dynamics of a BMW.
  • The exhaust note is insane. Period. Fell in love with it!


  • Haven’t test driven since no TD cars available. But I don’t need to since I am a BMW owner for 6 years now and know exactly what I get.
  • Interiors are relatively more traditional.
  • HK audio in the car is not great – I have seen/heard the same system in the 5 series and its underwhelming.
  • Less practical for longer trips/outings.
  • BMW again will feel the same is what a friend who has driven both Merc/BMW told me. He feels Merc will make me feel like a different car versus 340i will be the same car with an upgraded engine.
  • The 3L petrol with ZF8 is probably the best out there in India. Period. Don’t need any convincing there. But a part of me wonders how much I can really push it.

I am eligible and can get both cars with a BH registration which makes the price differential more like 10-12L between the two cars.

What does the group recommend?

Here’s what GTO had to say on the matter:

Please read these two articles of mine that will ensure you get your Ferrari or Porsche 911 sooner than planned:

Here’s what BHPian Axe77 had to say on the matter:

I haven’t seen the GLA first hand recently but my impression was that its a smaller car than the 3 GT on both internal space as well as boot space. Wouldn’t the 3 GT in fact be more practical for long touring? Does the GLA come with a space saver or just a tyre repair kit. That’s another factor I’d keep in mind if the car is meant for long touring duties.

My sense is that both the above options will not match up to the 3GT on space and practicality but both of course will be NICER cars to drive for sure. If the (presumably lesser) internal space is not a deal breaker for you AND you’re hankering for a more powerful car, of course, you could consider either. I’d personally lean towards the 340i from that duo. Its a proper POWERFUL upgrade to your existing ride and dare I say in today’s prices, relatively a VFM pricing for a performance car of that caliber.

Here’s hat BHPian vb-san had to say on the matter:

  • Option 1: Keep the current car. 3.5 years is still young for a BMW.
  • Option 2: If really need a change, get the 340i, the facelift has refreshed interiors.

Here’s what BHPian Turbanator had to say on the matter:

You must have heard that most BMW owners don’t like Mercedes It’s for a reason and not because of any hatred.

M340i are all sold out now, but the good thing is that LCI is coming very soon. It would help if you spoke to your dealer and could even drop an Email to BMW. If they are accepting advances, get in the queue else, wait until they open. It will be a very good upgrade for you this side of M4, which currently, even if you want to order, won’t be available due to allocations and upcoming emission norms.

I dove a similar -A45AMG, which should be faster over the GLA and then a couple of days back, I tried the M340. 10 out of 10 times, any driver will pick that inline six over any of those 4-cylinder turbo-boosted Mercedes engines.

Here’s what BHPian HighRevving had to say on the matter:

I wouldn’t spend say, 40-50 lakh to upgrade interior and audio. If performance and driving dynamics are what you’re looking for, get the 340i. For audio, you can listen to the 6-cylinder instead.

Otherwise, you can explore a lot of bolt-on speaker options for your car, I have heard about good speakers for around 1-2 lakh.

Mercedes cars to me (except AMG) have very linear power delivery and bland dynamics. I wouldn’t buy a Mercedes unless I was restoring a W123.

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