Here Are 8 Thrilling Activities To Try In Italy's Rimini

food, here are 8 thrilling activities to try in italy's rimini

Here Are 8 Thrilling Activities To Try In Italy’s Rimini

One of the most spectacular beach resorts in Italy, Rimini is a tasting guide of the very best Italy has to offer: glittering beaches, fascinating ancient monuments, and a lot of amazing Italian cuisine. Founded in 268 BC, Rimini has seen and played key roles in millennia of history, from the Roman Republic to World War II; it has been the stage and inspiration for Italian iconic art and artists, from Leonardo da Vinci to Federico Fellini; and has evolved into one of Italy’s most sought after travel destinations.

To help travelers get the best out of their journeys, we’ve compiled a few tours of the city to guide visitors into whatever facet of Rimini they’d like to dive into the most. From foodies to beach lovers to history buffs, there’s something here for every type of traveler.

Get To Know Rimini’s Iconic Landmarks On A Private Walking Tour

First-time visitors must explore the most historically important and iconic landmarks of Rimini. Travelers will walk through and know the history of Rimini, which spans Ancient Rome, the Italian Renaissance, the Great Wars, and more. See the awe-inspiring Roman ruins like the two-thousand years old Tiberius Bridge, pass through the fisherman village of Borgo San Giuliano, Fellini’s childhood cinema, Cinema Fulgor, the Roman Arch of Argo D’Augusto, and more.

  • Tour: Approx. 2 hours and 30 minutes
  • Prices: From $182 USD
  • Includes: Guides in English, Italian and French

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Take An Exclusive Cooking Class To Make Traditional Italian Dishes

This one is for the foodies out there! If there’s anything better than enjoying traditional Italian pasta, it’s getting a whole class on how to make it for yourself. On this special tour through Italian cuisine, food enthusiast travelers will learn from local Rimini chefs how to create and roll sfoglia (fresh pasta) from scratch, cook two different types of pasta and get a step by step on authentic Italian tiramisu, because after all, what is life without dessert!

  • Tour: Approx. 3 hours
  • Prices: From $100 USD
  • Includes: Beverages, aperitifs, aprons, ingredients, and tasting of the dishes

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Experience All Of Rimini’s Charms At Night

To see Rimini in a different light, there’s hardly a better alternative than this romantic historical tour by lamp lights. Walk through and learn the history behind the Arco d’Augusto, see the Piazza Cavour where the Pope’s Sculpture and Rimondo Castle come alive with the city lights, and watch the city glittering at night from atop the Tiberius Bridge and from the ancient Roman forum.

  • Tour: Approx. 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Prices: From $80 USD

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Visit The City Market And Take A Cooking Class

To take a culinary trip to the next level, get a guided tour across the town market, learn the different types of pasta there are, what are the best ingredients and where to find them, and which Rimini staples are favored in which seasons, before heading back for a true Italian aperitivo and cooking class, complete with a selection of accompanying wine tasting.

  • Tour: Approx. 5 hours
  • Prices: Starting from $132 USD
  • Includes: Wine and classes offered in English and Italian

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Escape The Touristic Beaten Path With A Private Tour Of Rimini

For those who wish to escape the hustle and bustle of tourist groups and explore Rimini through less popular – but still just as fascinating – points, this tour is a perfect option. With a private guide, each traveler can tailor their experience to their tastes and curiosities – learn about Rimini’s Roman ruins and culture – such as the Surgeon’s House, with roman medical instruments-, its Renaissance history, or get immersed in the cinematic corners of the city like Borgo San Giuliano, with it’s Fellini dedicated murals.

  • Tour: Approx. 2 hours and 30 minutes
  • Prices: From $300 USD

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Take A Day Trip And Get To Know The Lovely Regional Villas

Take a trip from the neighboring villages of Verucchio and Santarcangelo to enjoy the Emilia-Romana region at its best. Verucchio was the headquarters of the powerful Malatesta family, and the remains of their power can be seen in the remains of the fortresses and many historical buildings in the village; Santarcangelo has a historical center just as fascinating, plus the amazing sculpted underground caves. These two villages are perfect for rounding out a trip to the Rimini Province.

  • Tour: Approx. 7 hours
  • Prices: From $320 USD
  • Included: Transportation, guided historical tour, and lunch

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Relax On A Boat Tour Across Rimini’s Coast

There are few ways to know Rimini that are more scenic or relaxing than boating across the glittering Northern Italian coast. Spend the day on the boat, spread out in the sun, and explore the coast of Rimini from a wholly different perspective. At the snazzy beach of Riccione, the boat docks, so passengers can dive and enjoy the water. The tour is highly flexible, meaning the boat can sail to wherever the group prefers.

  • Tour: Approx. 4 hours
  • Prices: From $700 USD
  • Included: Sail boating, catamaran tour, and snacks

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Go On A Street Food Tasting Tour Of Rimini

One more for the foodies, this time focused on Rimini’s typical street food establishments and markets! Visitors will be guided through the market stalls, food stands, and establishments to taste Rimini’s most beloved artisanal food shops and most delicious street food staples, all with guidance and explanation of Rimini’s vibrant local cuisine.

  • Tour: Approx. 3 hours
  • Prices: From $90 USD
  • Included: Guided tour, three tasting experiences

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