Here’s A Peek Inside Ducati’s Production Facility In Italy

Take a tour of Ducati’s process in Bologna in this 20-minute video. Then Honda makes a surprise appearance with its ATV manufacture.

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This is where all the magic happens for Ducati, in Borgo Panigale, Bologna, Italy, and YouTube Channel, FRAME, has got their cameras out once again to give us a video tour of how Ducati makes its Superleggera V4.

FRAME’s video starts out with the Ducati V4 engine, where you see the Desmodromic system getting fitted, the gaskets getting applied, and the covers and gearbox getting fitted. We don’t see pistons, but it sure is mesmerizing to see an engine of this caliber getting hand assembled. Following that, the engine is dressed up and loaded onto a cart where it is wheeled off to the next station.

The next chapter of the video shows the frame getting worked on, and since this is the Superleggera V4, we get a close look at Ducati’s carbon fiber workshop. Thermography, ultrasound, inspections, tomography, and 3D Scanning processes are all used to ensure that the end product is up to spec. The parts are then painted and inspected before heading off to assembly.

Then, all the other small bits and pieces are put together onto the frame, including the handlebars and their controls, the brake calipers and master cylinders, the front fork, the rear shock, the chain, and other assemblies among others. This is also the stage where the bike gets its numbered plaque, and in actuality, the unit that FRAME covered was number 001 in the production run.

After that, all of the gorgeous fairings are fitted onto the naked frame of the bike, giving it the distinct look of a super-light Panigale, it’s about 350 pounds light, mind you.

The end result is a hand-built limited production Ducati Superleggera V4. It’s quite a treat to see such a rare Ducati getting made.

Then by about the 11-minute mark, Honda makes a surprise appearance, but it’s for the Japanese brand’s ATV manufacture. I didn’t expect to see Honda, but it’s there and it’s still interesting to see.

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