Here’s How to Deep Clean Your Dishwasher

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And you should probably do this at least once a week.

Most people might not know this but in the same fashion we clean our stove top, oven, fridge, and sink, we also have to deep clean our dishwasher in order for it to function properly. How often you ask? Well, you’ll know it’s time to deep clean when you can smell a funky smell coming from your dishwasher.

But don’t freak out, as CleanTok has the answer. Let’s take some notes from TikTok creator @cleaningwithcharlotte_, as she demonstrates in her video, how to properly clean a dishwasher.


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There are many different ways you can clean a dishwasher, as long as you deep clean. And what is meant by that is you have to take a few things apart, let them soak in the sink, and wash them with dish soap detergent. Lastly, scrub the inside of the dishwasher with tough-on grease products, such as Cif Cream Lemon or the Pink stuff, including products specifically designed for dishwasher cleanings, such as Finish.

The first step is taking out the trays and the filter on the bottom, as well as examining the drain for any debris. The next step is to wash the filter in the sink and scrub the inside of the dishwasher machine with Cif Cream Lemon and the Pink Stuff. Add some Finish and let it run for one cycle on hot and your dishwasher should be squeaky clean.

If you want to go the natural route, you can scrub the inside with lemon and baking soda and run a cycle with white vinegar, as these are all great cleaning detergents that also sanitize.

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