Here's What Maggie Hoffman Is Cooking This Month

food, here's what maggie hoffman is cooking this month

Thanksgiving tends to dominate the food internet in November—and I’m so excited to host this year that I spent $22 on a vintage gravy boat that looks like a footed bathtub. But it’s also my birthday month, so I’ll be cooking up a storm of dinner parties, hosting friends visiting from out of town, and trying to get quick (but good) meals on the table throughout the busy season. It helps to have a plan: a Big Soup to cook one Sunday, easy recipes for weeknights, and a few fun ideas for the holiday and various other celebrations. Scroll down to see what’s on my docket.

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This Pozole Turns Red Hearts Green

As pumped as I am for stuffing and pie, Thanksgiving is just one dinner among many November meals. For as many of those meals as possible, I’ll be trying to take it easy. Sunday soup days makes me feel better about the week to come—I’ll cook a double batch of this hearty vegetarian pozole and plan for it to be at least two dinners. See recipe.

food, here's what maggie hoffman is cooking this month

Roasted Cabbage Steaks With Crispy Chickpeas and Herby Croutons

This meatless meal from Hetty McKinnon has it all—crispy cumin-spiced chickpeas, caramelized roasted cabbage, crunchy, garlicky croutons, and a rich, lemony sauce. It feels special enough for guests, but it’s actually quick enough to spin up on a Thursday. See recipe.

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For the Easiest, Crispiest Fried Garlic, Use Your Microwave

I’ll fill in the rest of the weeknights with super-fast options like these garlic noodles, seasoned with soy sauce and a sprinkle of umami-rich dashi powder, plus three dimensions of garlic: fresh, fried (in the microwave!), and infused into oil. See recipe.

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A Feast for Small Crowds: Christian Reynoso’s Spiced, Marmalade-Lacquered Duck Legs

This month is a big dinner party month for me; there are birthdays to celebrate! I’ve always wanted to cook duck for special occasion, so I’m eyeing this recipe from Epi contributor Christian Reynoso—as well as this whole pomegranate-glazed duck that my coworker Hana Asbrink developed for BA. See recipe.

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Tonnato Eggs

I’ve been obsessed with these deviled eggs since I first tasted them during the recipe-testing process. To me, they’re the ultimate form of the classic dinner party snack. The filling is extra-savory from oil-packed tuna and anchovy but balanced with lemon and the salty pop of fried capers on top. If you come to my place in November, it’s likely I’ll be serving these. See recipe.

food, here's what maggie hoffman is cooking this month

Spiced-Pumpkin Soufflés With Bourbon and Molasses Sauce

I could eat pumpkin pie every week of the fall, but maybe that makes me an outlier. This lofty soufflé feels like the ideal final touch for a slightly retro dinner party, and the pumpkin flavor satisfies my endless pie craving. See recipe.

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Garlic-Aioli Roasted Turkey with Lemon-Parsley Pan Sauce

Our family Thanksgiving is usually hosted by my in-laws, but moving it to my kitchen this year (and getting to invite a few local friends) gives me great delight. It also gives me the opportunity to try a turkey recipe I’ve been hearing rave reviews about since I started working at Epicurious. The secret to this extra-moist bird is a jar of mayo, which gives you juicy meat and crispy, golden skin. See recipe.

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Skillet Stuffing With Italian Sausage and Wild Mushrooms

I like stuffing so much that I usually don’t feel like I’ve had my fill during Thanksgiving week. For a little pre-Thanksgiving stuffing action, I’ll make this skillet version, which has nubbins of sausage, grated parm, and a touch of Dijon mustard for full flavor. See recipe.

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Spicy Braised Tofu

My mom made this recipe and recommended it so wholeheartedly that I knew I needed to cook it, too. The tofu is ready in just about the time it takes to cook a pot of rice. See recipe.

food, here's what maggie hoffman is cooking this month

Chaat Masala Mixed Nuts With Cornflakes

My favorite part of a dinner party is a leisurely appetizer hour, which often serves as an opportunity to test out our latest cocktail recipes. These extra-crunchy, tangy, spicy snack mix takes just 15 minutes to put together, so it’s easy to fit in when there’s other cooking to do. See recipe.

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All She Wrote

People I haven’t heard from all year often text me in November to ask what Thanksgiving cocktail they should make. (Pssst! You don’t need access to my cell number to get this information. Just subscribe to my cocktail newsletter, After Hours!)  Our crowd is probably going to opt for martinis or wine, but if I had my druthers, I’d make this bittersweet, low-ABV batched cocktail. I once kept a jar of it in my freezer for a year, and it only got more delicious. See recipe.

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