Here's What Prue Leith Had To Say About GBBO's Crimes Against S'mores

food, here's what prue leith had to say about gbbo's crimes against s'mores

GBBOs Prue Leith

This season of “The Great British Baking Show” has been filled with a variety of controversy and outrage from fans and non-fans alike. From people talking about cultural appropriation during its Mexican food-themed week to how Carole peeled an avocado, Season 13 seems to be as unlucky as the number to many. Just when you catch your breath and things seem to be calming down a bit after Episode 5, “Dessert Week,” then comes “Halloween Week” and some American classics such as s’mores — much to the infuriation of some American fans.

Most Americans will tell you that s’mores was invented by the Girl Scouts, as the recipe first appeared in a 1927 guide book and consisted of graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallow. According to Food & Wine, the recipe calls for toasting a marshmallow until it’s crispy and gooey, before placing it on top of chocolate and between graham crackers. While the guide refers to the treat as “some more,” at some point in history, they became more commonly known as “s’mores.”

GBBO fans on Twitter were left in disbelief over contestants worrying about burning marshmallows, the use of digestive biscuits instead of graham crackers, and “some weird chocolate paste.” Prue Leith took an opportunity during an interview with E! News to explain the “s’more” about the situation.

GBBO’s Prue Leith Explains The S’mores Debacle

food, here's what prue leith had to say about gbbo's crimes against s'mores

S’Mores on a stool

“The Great British Baking Show” judge Prue Leith told E! News, “We do quite often get into trouble because we don’t quite understand the cultural references. It’s all good-humored. I’m absolutely not an expert on s’mores. I’ve always thought they were a sort of snack and they could be any flavor.” She added that contestants used digestive biscuits because the U.K. doesn’t have graham crackers.

“The whole idea is for the bakers to make their own interpretation,” Leith said. However, given how particular judge Paul Hollywood seemed to be on what he was looking for in the s’mores during the episode, it may appear otherwise. According to host, Noel Fielding, Hollywood set the challenge and the host announced to the bakers, “Your s’mores should have a gooey, toasted marshmallow and a creamy dark chocolate ganache, sandwiched between two digestive biscuits.”

Hollywood sits outside the tent with Leith beside a plate of round, neat s’mores. He says what he wants to see from the contestants includes things like, “chocolate, but not too much,” and they should as “neat as possible,” suggesting that “if they add too much heat it’s going to melt” (per Netflix) — all things Americans don’t associate with the campfire treat. Perhaps, in the future, the challenges should be dishes the judges are experts in.

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