Home Bargains' shoppers praise £49.99 Air Fryers over ovens -'best thing I ever bought'

Most people at home will have an oven and microwave, but the air fryer has only soared in popularity over the last few years. An Air Fryer from Home Bargains has been swept of the shelves in no time.

The cost of living crisis hugely affecting Britain, meaning that people all over the country are feeling the pinch.

Some have purchased Air Fryers in the hope of saving some money per month, as they are much cheaper to run than ovens.

What’s more, Air Fryers are good for the health-conscious among us, as they require less oil for cooking than ovens too.

For quick meals, Air Fryers do the job a little faster than ovens do, and take almost no time to preheat.

food, home bargains' shoppers praise £49.99 air fryers over ovens -'best thing i ever bought'

Air Fryer cooking potato waffles, Swan: Carlton 4 Litre Air Fryer in Rose Gold

Home Bargains customers fell in love with the £49.99 Air Fryer and many have made the swap away from their ovens.

This was the Swan: Carlton 4 Litre Air Fryer in Rose Gold, originally priced at £79.99.

The product description reads: “The Carlton Range Air Fryer is your new favourite, allowing an easy way to cook crispy, delicious meals quickly while requiring minimal clean-up.”

It requires just a single spoonful of oil, and can cook a wide variety of foods including chips, meats, vegetables and desserts.

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Home Bargains revealed that it is 30 percent faster, quicker and easier to cook fresh and frozen food. They can also roast, grill and bake as well as air fry.

While the Swan: Carlton 4 Litre Air Fryer has since sold out, a recent Facebook post by Home Bargains raved about the product.

The post amassed more than 800 likes, and over 700 people commented on the success of the kitchen gadget, tagging their loved ones.

Air Fryer convert Caroline Harrison stated: “We’ve got this and we love it! Rarely use the oven!”

Gabrielle Regan-Griffith seconded this sentiment: “I love mine! So much quicker than the oven.”

A Jane Dickinson said: “I have this best – thing I ever bought. Chicken nuggets seven minutes and cooked.”

Karen King agreed: “I use mine when I just need a couple of items for my granddaughter’s lunch. It’s quicker than putting the oven on. I use it other times as well.”

Marion Torbet said: “I have this one and love it, it does my mum and myself perfectly.”

Kerri Rothwell tagged a loved one and asked: “Reckon its worth getting one?

“They seem to be like gold dust these days but save loads of electric compared to ovens.”

For the health-conscious foodies among us, Irene Duncan Russell raised another point.

She added: “I absolutely love my air fryer!!!!! It’s also a healthier way to eat, in my opinion!!”

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