Home Cook Achieves The Crispiest Roast Potatoes WITHOUT Using An Oven Or Air Fryer

Crispy roasties are something many of us here in the UK take for granted, but (there’s a big but) this year, with a dramatic rise in the cost-of-living and people actively searching for ways to be more cost-effective in the kitchen, switching the oven on might be something many of us want to avoid doing. Sure – you could resort to your trusty air fryer (we absolutely back the use of air fryers), or if you don’t happen to have an air fryer, you could turn your attention to… your slow cooker.

That’s right! One savvy home cook has taken to Facebook to reveal their “game-changing” method for cooking the crispiest roast potatoes at home, and it doesn’t involve using your oven or air fryer, but rather a slow cooker.

The home cook, known as Ria McCullough, claims that her take on the roast potato recipe was *so* good that, she’ll “never cook them conventionally again.”

food, home cook achieves the crispiest roast potatoes without using an oven or air fryer

Crispy Roast Potatoes No Oven Air Fryer

So, what’s the trick? To begin with, Ria parboils some Navan potatoes for 10 minutes, before leaving them to steam dry in a colander. While they cool down, she sprinkles some flour, salt and pepper, onion granules and a dusting of sage over the top before shaking the spuds to coat them in the mixture.

After that, she adds “a few glugs” of mild olive oil to her slow cooker, and turns the temperature up to high (this is so that the oil is nice and hot once she places the potatoes in). From there, Ria tosses the potatoes in the oil making sure they’re coated, and then leaves them to cook on high for four hours, with a tea towel placed under the lid, turning twice during the time.

Admittedly, these roasties take a lot longer than your standard ones, but do save you switching your oven on! Plus, according to USwitch, slow cookers are among one of the kitchen’s most energy-efficient appliances. As in, while they might take longer to cook food, they’re rated at as little as 200 watts – less than a tenth of some electric ovens.

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