Horner blasts ‘derogatory’ Sky Sports comments directed at Red Bull

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Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner has hit out at “derogatory” statements made by Sky Sports against the team, following its decision to boycott the British broadcaster.

On Sunday, it emerged that the energy drink-backed squad would not participate in any interviews with Sky Sports due to its dissatisfaction with its on-air conduct.

Speaking after the Mexico City Grand Prix, Max Verstappen claimed that “one particular person” on the broadcast team has been consistently speaking down on the Red Bull outfit.

Up to now, Sky Sports has often spoken to Horner following the qualifying and race sessions, while drivers Verstappen and Sergio Perez provide comments in the TV media pen.

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However, it has imposed an indefinite ban on communications with Sky Sports after taking issue with comments that were made.

“We’re disappointed with a series of derogatory comments that have been made on Sky, so we felt this weekend we would take a break, and that it wouldn’t do Sky any harm, us taking a break,” Horner said.

“There needs to be balance in commentary. Some of the commentary is excellent, but some of the pieces… there is too much sensationalisation [sic] being done.

“We stand together as a team – and it’s not just Sky UK, it’s been across all the Sky channels in Germany and Italy.”

The matter is fuelled by Verstappen’s close title fight with Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton in 2021, with Verstappen prevailing over his rival at the final round in Abu Dhabi.

Horner says that Verstappen was upset over a claim on the station that Hamilton was “robbed” of last year’s title.

“It was just to register our discontent. Sometimes some of the less impartial comments, some of the accusations that are made – TV seems to be becoming more sensationalised,” he said.

“Accusations of a championship being ‘robbed’, that’s not something we feel is impartial commentary.

“Obviously, we don’t feel that is in any way fair or balanced. Max was very upset about it, and as a team we support him fully.

“I think Red Bull are a cheap target sometimes.”

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