Hospitality Legend Richie Romero on Making NYC The City That Never Sleeps…Again

food, hospitality legend richie romero on making nyc the city that never sleeps…again

Richie Romero


Hospitality After COVID – Richie Romero has been in the hospitality business long enough to see it evolve more than once. Post pandemic lockdowns, the nightlife scene changed and he has to work even harder to build relationships with its patrons. Luckily, he loves it.

Putting Relationships First – Over the years Richie Romero has obviously made his fair share of money. For him, however, the power of the relationships he’s built come second to none. Not even money is as important as building connections.

Return of The City That Never Sleeps – It’s not secret that New York City saw a huge flight of residence during the Pandemic shutdowns. Richie Romero, a born-and-bred, proud New Yorker, is on a personal mission to return the city to the thriving epicenter of entertainment it once was.


“I love creating and I love creating with other people. I love building relationships.”

This quote summarizes Richie Romero, a hospitality legend that has played a major role in a number of New York City entertainment staples. Being a native New Yorker has given him a sense of pride that permeates his purpose.

Richie Romero’s hospitality endeavors began at an early age. At just 12 years old, he would throw parties in the local McDonald’s play area. Legally or illegally, these types of early entrepreneurial endeavors became the precursor for a career of providing consistent memorable experiences.

Creating what he labels “decentralized casino” experiences throughout the city is something near and dear to his heart.

“We don’t have casinos here [in NYC]. We don’t have resorts. So I have to do it the deconstructed, decentralized way.” Richie Romero points out to host Shawn P. Walchef of CaliBBQ Media on the Restaurant Influeners podcast. “I want to give and put a smile on and have an imprint on anyone’s life from any age.”

Though the business has evolved, and that evolution has been accelerated by COVID protocols within New York City, Richie Romero has been able to remain atop the hospitality scene and continue to formulate and nurture relationships with notable clientele.

When asked about his approach, he says, “I think relationships are more important than anything. To me, it’s more important than money.”

His love for entertainment and building sustainable relationships is only matched by Richie Romero’s love for his New York City.

“I love my city and I want to see New York thrive again.”

One thing is for sure, Richie Romero will spend days and nights doing everything in his power to make sure that happens.


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