How do Liz Truss's 'diva' rider requests compare to rock stars?

food, how do liz truss's 'diva' rider requests compare to rock stars?

We have compared the former PM’s demands with rockstars (Picture: PA/ Getty)

Liz Truss’ ‘rockstar’ demands have been revealed in her rider, as he asks for an ice-cold bottle of white wine and special coffee requirements– but how does it compare to others?

The former Prime Minister’s list of demands might seem insignificant compared to actual popstars and rockstars who have demanded far more weird and wonderful food and drink.

In extracts serialised in The Sunday Times, former aide Kirsty Buchanan said Ms Truss drank ‘about 42,000 espressos a day or she used to when I worked for her’.

The former PM also had very specific requirements for how these espressos were brought to her – in a flat-white-sized takeaway cup.

food, how do liz truss's 'diva' rider requests compare to rock stars?

Liz Truss’ rider was revealed last week, and included specific coffee requirements and white win (Picture: PA)

She insisted on only drinking coffee from independent stores, banning drinks from big brands with only Pret getting the nod.

When Truss was not relying on bought coffee, she would use her favourite espresso machine – moved from department to department every time she took on a different role.

Her rider was forwarded to British embassies abroad ahead of foreign trips demanding ‘freshly prepared food, no pre-made or plastic packed sandwiches’ with ‘bagels or sushi for lunch’ and ‘absolutely no mayonnaise’.

When the former PM was staying overnight, she also expected a bottle of sauvignon blanc left in the fridge.

But how much of a diva is she in comparison to others?

It was the rider that started it all: in 1982, the rockers of Van Halen made an infamous dressing room request: a bowl of M&Ms with all the brown ones picked out.

Little did they know they would inspire music divas and dudes for years to come.

In 2012, Guns n Roses frontman Axl Rose asked for a square melon as part of his entrees for his post-gig requirements.

He also asked for ‘wines, beers, vodka, red and white roses’ along with a custom-made Italian leather couch, presumably so he had somewhere comfy to sit while tucking into the specially-shaped fruit.

food, how do liz truss's 'diva' rider requests compare to rock stars?

Axl Rose famously asked for a square melon for his bandmates (Picture: Getty)

The Smith’s star, Morrissey, demanded a ‘young sapling no less than four feet but no higher than six feet’ be placed in his dressing room at each show.

He also cancelled a gig in Iceland over the venue’s refusal to go vegetarian.

His most common request specifically prohibits meat from being sold or served at venues he plays in.

It even directs the venue’s security director to treat meat as a ‘prohibited item’ akin to weapons and professional camera equipment.

As for larger scale music festivals, the rider ‘politely requests that … where BBQ food (meat) is being prepared, that the Morrissey dressing rooms are situated away from any meat preparation and not downwind, to avoid the aroma of cooking meat is not directed toward the Artist or Band.’

food, how do liz truss's 'diva' rider requests compare to rock stars?

Vegan Morrissey requests that no meat is served or sold at his gigs (Picture: Getty)

Lady Gaga’s rider includes an oxygen tank – and specifies piping hot roast chicken as she steps off stage.

She also requests a specific type of dinner for each night of the week.

Monday: Barbecue night. Tuesday: Asian night. Wednesday: Mexican night. Thursday: American night. Friday: Carving night. Saturday: Pasta bar night. Sunday: Turkey dinner with all the trimmings.

food, how do liz truss's 'diva' rider requests compare to rock stars?

Lady Gaga requires an oxygen tank for after her gigs (Picture: Getty)

£200 bottles of wine, candles opulent by the standards of Elizabethan England and flowers, flowers, everywhere.

A five-star hotel suite? A luxury spa? No, just Rihanna’s dressing room

According to the pop star’s tour rider, before going on stage, Rihanna needs to relax in a room that contains a six-foot-long white cloth couch (not leather), six floor lamps with dimmers, and four small, clear, square vases with white tulips.

Also on the list: the aforementioned wine and Archipelago Black Forest candles that cost £30 a pop.

Grammy winning Adele used to have a strict ‘no American beer’ rule, but now the Spurs-loving singer opts for a more down to earth rider of Percy Pig sweets, fruit, PG Tips and some wine.

Lily Allen – before she was sober – she used to ask for a booze-driven rider, with a Bottle of Jack Daniel’s whiskey and four bottles of champagne – but alongside some nourishment of 12 packets of Monster Munch (pickled onion flavour only).

food, how do liz truss's 'diva' rider requests compare to rock stars?

A rider for the Foo Fighters from Glastonbury in 2017 only cost £145 (Picture: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images)

When the Foo Fighters were set to headline Glastonbury in 2017 they had a rather modest list of requests for one of the biggest rock bands in the world.

It included crunchy peanut butter, 65 per cent cocoa chocolate bars and fruit.

But amazingly it only came to £145.10 – for all 92 items.

•             1 x Fiji water

•             1 x Schwepps soda water

•             1 x Coconut water

•             1 x Pom Juice

•             1 x 12 pack of Diet Coke

•             1 x Fresh orange juice

•             1 x Ocean Spray cranberry juice

•             1 Case of Vitamin Water

•             1 Case of Red Bull

•             1 Case of Gatorade

•             1 Pack of Starbucks coffee beans

•             1 x Fat free organic milk

•             1 x Edensoy milk

•             1 Pack of avocados

•             1 Pack of tomatoes

•             1 Dark chocolate bar

•             1 Pack of bananas

•             1 Pack of apples

•             1 Pack of pears

•             1 Pack of kiwi fruit

•             1 Pack of seedless grapes

•             1 Jar of peanut butter

‘I kissed a girl’ singer Katy Perry insists that her drivers do not speak to her and specifies how fast they should drive and what lane they should stay in.

Bland hit machine Chris Martin from Coldplay might not exactly strike you as the most rock and roll star of all time – so it won’t surprise you that he enjoys ‘nibbles’ on his tour with bandmates.

food, how do liz truss's 'diva' rider requests compare to rock stars?

Chris Martin and his bandmates have asked for postcards to send to their families (Picture: Santiago Bluguermann/Getty Images)

Along with the standard vodka and cotton socks he also has a request for eight pre-stamped local postcards set to send off to faraway family.

So Martin, 45, can send his love to wife Gwyneth Paltrow and the kiddies.


Possibly one of the most outrageous riders of yesteryear was that of singing legend Nina Simone, who requested ‘champagne, some cocaine and some sausages’, according to musician and composer Warren Ellis.

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