How to get to Masasa Beach in Tingloy, Batangas

If someone asks me for a recommendation of a weekend getaway destination, I would always include Batangas.

You know the usual beach like Laiya and Nasugbu. But if you want a complete experience like having to ride a boat and experience the island life, I highly recommend Tingloy, Batangas. It’s the only island town in the province. Here, you could find the island’s most popular beach which is Masasa.

I’ve been to Masasa years ago. When I was still in college, we had to shoot a travel show for a production project. Since, we have a friend who knows someone from the island, and we really wanted to shoot an island destination, we decided to go to Tingloy.

That time, Tingloy was not yet a tourist destination so I was able to experience Masasa beach in its fine and unspoiled glory.

Today, Masasa is a popular beach destination among travelers and backpackers, but it is still beautiful. Though there are issues of garbage problem at the beach, the locals are doing its best to clean and protect the island.

So if you also want to experience Masasa Beach in Tingloy, here’s how to get there!

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1. Bus Ride going to Batangas City’s Grand Terminal

There are a lot of bus companies that offer direct service going to the Grand Terminal, one of them is Jam Transit. Go for the early morning schedule so you’ll have enough time to experience Masasa beach in the morning.

We went to Jam Transit in Cubao for its early 4AM trip. Fare is Php 165. If you choose the Jam Transit terminal in Buendia, fare is Php 157. While in Alabang, it’s Php 127.

Keep in mind to choose the bus with the sign CALABARZON on it, because travel time will be much faster because it will not pass through some towns like Tanauan, Lipa etc. Travel time can be as fast as 2 hours, especially if it’s an early morning trip.

2. Once you get to Grand Terminal, ride a jeepney going to Talaga Port in Mabini, Batangas.

Just ask around. The Grand Terminal is huge and you won’t be able to see the jeepneys bound to Talaga port that easily. It was about 6AM when we arrived and asked someone for the jeepneys going to Talaga. We were directed at the back of the CR passing through some eateries and carinderia. We were the first passengers, and waited for a few minutes until the jeep was full.

Fare is Php 37 and the travel time is one hour.

3.From Talaga Port, ride the public boat going to Tingloy (Masasa).

We arrived in a place that looked like a market. Yes, Talaga port is beside the market. If you still need to buy some ingredients to your food, that’s the perfect place to buy. There is an environment fee of Php 30 going to Tingloy.

Tingloy actually has 2 ports. The main port and the Masasa Port. While paying for the environment fee just provide them the name of your transient house and they will tell you which port is your drop off point.

Fare is Php 80 for the Tingloy main port and Php 100 if you’re going directly to Masasa. Our transient house is just near the Masasa beach so we got off at Masasa. That’s 100 pesos for us each.

TRAVEL TIP 1: There are basic necessities available on the island. You can actually buy bottled water there, so you don’t need to bring gallons of drinking water from the mainland to Tingloy. That’s too much inconvenience for you. Just bring small bottles enough to quench your thirst during travel. After that, you can buy bottled water on the island. If you’re lucky your transient house can even provide you free drinking water.

We arrived at about 10 am at the Masasa port. It’s  a small port near the Barangay hall of San Juan. Just a walking distance going to Masasa beach. If you’re coming from the town proper, you need to ride a tricycle going to Masasa for Php 30.

explore, travel, how to, how to get to masasa beach in tingloy, batangas

Masasa Beach during my recent travel to Tingloy.

There you have it. Just a quick guide on how to get the Masasa. If you have any questions, feel free to ask at the comments!

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