How to Survive a Trip With Your Friends Without Killing Each Other

It may not be easy, but it’s essential.

It’s every circle of friends’ dream to travel together at least once in a lifetime. Whether you’re taking a local or international flight, you’ll probably see at least one group of friends who are finally set to colour their travel plans together. But let’s be honest here. Travelling with your friends isn’t just about the perfect shots and amazing travel videos that you get to post online. Sometimes, there’s drama and mishaps. But if it’s any consolation to know, we’re telling you that it’s normal. That’s why we’re sharing some tips on how to survive a trip with your friends without “killing” each other.

Watch your mouth

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We get it. You’re friends. Sometimes, the snarky comments come out of your mouth, and your friends brush it off. But there will be times when you find yourselves lost. Everyone’s already tired and wants to go back to your hotel. Moments like this isn’t the best time to do the blame game or make lame jokes. A wrong comment or tone can start a fight. If your friend isn’t in the mood, prepare for hell to break loose if you keep getting on his or her nerves. So, always remember to think before you speak. Being friends means that you can be real to each other 24/7. But that doesn’t mean that you’re allowed to hurt each other’s feelings either.

Compose yourself

Having a group of friends doesn’t mean that you’re super close to everyone. You may find others to be a pain in the butt when you travel. It may be hard to get along with one of your friends, but it doesn’t mean that you have to make a big deal out of it all the time. Inhale and exhale. Don’t focus on the negatives. Instead, think about everyone enjoying the trip and making great memories together. Give your friend a chance. Because even if you’re stuck with your least favourite friend in the group, it’s still possible that you get to appreciate his or her presence at one point during your trip.

Take a walk

Okay, discussions might get dangerous sometimes. It’s possible for the drama to occur because someone forgot to book a vital ticket or not everyone agrees with the route the designated driver decided to take. Travelling or not, misunderstandings between friends is inevitable. It can’t be picture-perfect all the time. So before you butt heads, you can take a walk and cool off. It doesn’t mean that you have to take your bags with you or transfer to a new hotel. You only need to let go of the anger and then come back. Hug it out, and you’ll be back to normal. Most importantly, don’t hold grudges especially because of a petty fight.

Compromise with your friends

explore, travel, how to, how to survive a trip with your friends without killing each other

Even if you’re the one who arranged everything, booked everything, or paid for everything in your trip, you still don’t have the right to dictate what the group wants to do all the time. Remember that your friends have prefered activities as well. You have to ask for their opinion even if you’re the group leader. Be nice and hear out everyone’s voice. Learn how to compromise to make everybody happy during your trip.

Remember that you’re with your friends

Do you know the saying “Friends are the family you choose”? That’s what you have to remember when you’re travelling with your friends and you’re starting to lose your patience with them. You have to think about what you’re here for, and that’s to make great memories with them. Think about the good times and better stories you’ll all miss out on if you ruin the trip and end up hating each other. The goal is to be friends when you leave your country or hometown, and remain friends when you return. It may not be easy, but it’s essential.

explore, travel, how to, how to survive a trip with your friends without killing each other

Choosing to join in a circle of friends means that you’re going to have to deal with different personalities. Travelling with your friends will take the friendship to the next level because you’re going to see each other better in unusual situations. Even if you’re bound to have a misunderstanding to the point of wanting to “kill” each other, you’ll realise that the ups and downs are worth it.

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