How Torre Emperador in Spain Was Renamed From Torre Espacio

Skyscrapers aren’t usually the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Spain. In terms of infrastructure, tourists even associate the European nation with decorative gothic architecture and historic churches.

However, at one particular spot, you’ll see not just one but four of Spain’s tallest buildings within a few feet from one another. One of these modern structures is called Torre Emperador. And before you ask — yes, it really is named after the Filipino company that sells the famous brandy. How did this happen?

The Spanish Torre Emperador

Torre Emperador is short for Torre Emperador Castellano. But before it carried the name, the building was called Torre Espacio. At 230 metres, it’s the fourth tallest in Spain, just after Torre de Cristal, Torre Cepsa, and Torre PwC.

All four buildings make up Área de negocios de Cuatro Torres, or the Four Towers Business Area in Paseo de la Castellana, Madrid. It’s a modern business district that sits on the old Real Madrid sports complex. Torre Emperador, the shortest of the four, is known for its pointed design resembling the tip of a pen.

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Image credit (L-R): ; Emperador Brandy Official Website

In 2015, Filipino-Chinese tycoon Dr. Andrew Tan, who owns Emperador Brandy, bought Torre Emperador as part of a private investment of his family. But it was only in 2021 that he decided to actually name the 57-floor structure after one of his companies.

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Inside the iconic tower in Madrid

According to Emperador Brandy, the former Torre Espacio is currently the home of the Spanish headquarters of Emperador through the Alliance Global Group. Inside, you can also find the respective embassies of the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia inside, among others.

After its construction in 2007, the former Torre Espacio became the tallest building in all of Spain. It was quickly surpassed a month later by Torre de Cristal, and eventually, Torre Cepsa and Torre PwC. Nonetheless, it remains the most recognisable due to its unique design initiated by American architect, Henry N. Cobb.

Would you pay this building a visit the next time you find yourself in Madrid?

Featured image credit: steven_yu | Pixabay

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