I tried the two ingredient microwave latte hack and was pleasantly surprised

I love coffee. To the point that there are people who recognise me in coffee shops up and down the country and know exactly what I’m going to order.

More often than not, it’s an oat milk latte and on the days I’m feeling like a sugar hit I’m known to add in a little caramel syrup.

So what am I to do when there’s not easy access to a coffee shop, or when I’m just trying to be a little bit more sensible with my money?

Well, I heard about a latte hack involving a microwave and while I was initially sceptical, it’s actually quite good.

You need a microwaveable cup, a milk of your choice and your preferred coffee granules. I went for Nescafe Alta Rica and Oatly’s Semi milk, with it being a little on the creamy side it’s great for that ‘latte’ feel.

Then it couldn’t be easier. You fill your cup with your desired amount of milk and pop it into the microwave for one minute.

Once it’s heated up you add in a spoon of coffee granules and mix.

Be prepared that it won’t fully dissolve at this point, you have to then put it back in the microwave for another minute.

When the cup comes out a second time it might be done, this is when I’d recommend giving it a proper stir and adding in any sugar or syrups. It looks much more like a latte at this point even if it doesn’t have a foamy top.

Sip to taste and if you feel it’s not warm enough, pop it back in for another 30 seconds.

It might not quite have the coffee shop experience but it’s a great alternative for when you’re staying home.

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